Service Catalog

collapse Category :  ‎(3)
Digital Signage
Firewall Administration
Visitor Wifi Access
collapse Category : Accounts ‎(1)
User Accounts
collapse Category : Business Tools & Services ‎(8)
Asset Management
Data Center
Document Scanning
Extended County Fair Support
Extension Database
Network Printing
Print Managment
Web Development Services
collapse Category : Connectivity & Networks ‎(7)
County Extension VPN
Personal Computer and Home Network Support
Personal Wireless Device Configuration
Remote Access to Network Resources
Wireless for County Extension Offices
collapse Category : Data Storage & Services ‎(6)
Data Backup
Data Storage Services
Employee File Storage
Secure Shared File Storage
Temporary Shared File Storage
VM Environment
collapse Category : Hardware & Software ‎(7)
Non-Standard Software Support
Office Productivity
Public Computers
Software Licensing
Software Package and Deployment
Standard Computing Platform
Standard Software Support
collapse Category : Help & Support ‎(5)
Equipment Moves
Incident Management
Non-Standard Hardware Support
Support Services
collapse Category : Learning Tools & Services ‎(5)
Hardware Repair / Maintenance
Knowledge Sharing/Collaboration
Video Conference
Web Conferencing
collapse Category : Purdue E-mail & Messaging ‎(4)
Electronic Mailing Lists
E-Mail - Staff & Faculty
Exchange Resources
Instant Messaging
collapse Category : Security ‎(4)
Privilege Management
Security Consulting
Security Software Downloads
Social Security Number Scanning Tools


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