Animals & Livestock

Dr. Kolapo Ajuwon

Kolapo Ajuwon

When it comes to livestock nutrition, not all feeds are created equal. No one knows this better than Kolapo Ajuwon, an animal sciences professor who studies how animals metabolize certain nutrients. Understanding this process assists farmers in optimizing feed programs as well as housing and other farming practices. Currently, Ajuwon’s research focuses on fat cultivation…

Dr. Candace Croney

Candace Croney

What are the effects of rubberized floors on baby elephants held in captivity? What impact do known stressors have on domesticated cats? Should the market or the law drive protections for animals? These are some questions Candace Croney has devoted her career to answering. As director of Purdue’s Center for Animal Welfare Science, Croney oversees…

Dr. Karen Plaut

Karen Plaut

From an early age, Karen Plaut knew she would work with animals. Now, in addition to furthering her research in lactation biology, she also works extensively with the most confounding breed of all: academics. As the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture, Plaut heads one of the most prestigious agriculture programs in…