Food & Food Security

Gebisa Ejeta

Gebisa Ejeta

Gebisa Ejeta, professor of agronomy and executive director of the Purdue Center for Global Food Security, is the 2009 World Food Prize winner for his work to combat the Striga weed. Striga, commonly known as witchweed, devastated African sorghum crops for decades and had a dramatic impact on food security throughout the continent. Ejeta’s work...

Dr. Jayson Lusk

Jayson Lusk

Jayson Lusk oversees one of the country’s top agricultural economics programs. Lusk has also served on the editorial council of eight academic journals and his own research is widely cited within the field. . In his own research, Lusk attempts to understand how consumer preferences are formed, especially in regards to food and nutrition.  His…

Dr. Haley Oliver

Haley F. Oliver

Biting into a tasty wedge of melon Listeria is probably the last thing on your mind, unless you’re Haley Oliver. As an associate professor with Purdue’s Department of Food Sciences, Oliver’s research focuses on the spread of food-borne pathogens in the retail landscape. She has studied a variety of sanitation strategies that reduce contamination and…