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News and Media Relations

Research Specialist


Kolapo Ajuwon headshot

Kolapo Ajuwon

Animals & Livestock

Ajuwon specializes in animal obesity and diabetes research.

(765) 494-4822
Tamara Benjamin headshot

Tamara Benjamin

Crops & Plant Science

Benjamin specializes in agrosystem diversification.

Shaun Casteel headshot

Shaun Casteel

Crops & Plant Science

Casteel specializes in soybean research and UAVs.

(765) 494-0895
Candace Croney headshot

Candace Croney

Animals & Livestock

Croney specializes in animal welfare and wellbeing.

(765) 496-6665
Jeff Dukes headshot

Jeff Dukes

Environment & Public Health

Dukes specializes in the impact climate change has on ecosystems.

(765) 494-1446
Gebisa Ejeta headshot

Gebisa Ejeta

Food & Food Security

Ejeta specializes in global food security and crop development.

(765) 494-4320
Peter Goldsbrough headshot

Peter Goldsbrough

Crops & Plant Science

Goldsbrough specializes in GMOs and GMO educational practices.

(765) 494-1933
Jason Henderson headshot

Jason Henderson

Ag Policy & Education

Henderson is the director of Purdue’s Extension Network.

(765) 494-8489
Thomas Hertel headshot

Thomas Hertel

Ag Policy & Education

Hertel specializes in international trade policy and founded the GTAP database.

(765) 494-4199
Catherine Hill headshot

Catherine Hill

Environment & Public Health

Hill specializes in vector-borne diseases like the Zika virus and Lyme Disease.

William G. Johnson headshot

William G. Johnson

Crops & Plant Science

Johnson specializes in weed management and pest control.

(765) 494-4656
Jayson Lusk headshot

Jayson Lusk

Food & Food Security

Lusk specializes in the economics of food and consumer preferences.

(765) 494-4191
Jim Mintert headshot

Jim Mintert

Ag Policy & Education

Minert specializes in crop pricing and the Hoosier farming economy.

(765) 494-4310
Pamala Morris headshot

Pamala Morris

Ag Policy & Education

Morris specializes in diversity awareness in higher education.

Krishna Nemali headshot

Krishna Nemali

Crops & Plant Science

Nemali specializes in hydroponics and urban farming.

(765) 494-8179
Robert Nielsen headshot

Robert Nielsen


Nielsen specializes in maize crops and UAV technology.

(765) 494-4802
Haley F. Oliver headshot

Haley F. Oliver

Oliver specializes in food-borne pathogens and food safety research.

(765) 496-3913
Bryan C. Pijanowski headshot

Bryan C. Pijanowski

Environment & Public Health

Pijanowski specializes in soundscape ecology.

(765) 496-2215
Karen Plaut headshot

Karen Plaut

Ag Policy & Education, Animals & Livestock

Plaut is the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture.

(765) 494-8391
Jenna Rickus headshot

Jenna Rickus

Environment & Public Health

Rickus specializes in treatments for chronic illness using biofunctional material.

(765) 494-0615
Mitch Tuinstra headshot

Mitch Tuinstra

Crops & Plant Science

Tuinstra specializes in the effects of climate change on crops.

(765) 494-9093