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Green tractor in a field

Fix the Farm Bill

Ag Policy & Education

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Bill and Legislative Principles is intended as a roadmap for Congress in the next Farm Bill. The current farm subsidiaries are wasteful, unfair and corrupt. Read More

Soybean field

What’s changed for soybean dicamba use in 2018

Crops & Plant Science

Wind restrictions and time-of-day application windows are some of the factors that have changed for soybeans in 2018. Read More

Brown mosquito

Mild Indiana winter combined with wet spring means lots of mosquitoes, ticks

Environment & Public Health

If Indiana’s mild weather continues, the state could see more mosquitoes and ticks. Read More

Red tractor in a field

The Triumph of the Family Farm

Ag Policy & Education

Farming is changing in the midst of a renaissance that can hold lessons for America’s economic future as farming incomes boom. Read More

Purdue University Archway

Purdue 101 with Peter Goldsbrough

Crops & Plant Science

This morning’s news with Peter Goldsbrough to speak all about Purdue. Read More

Sorghum field

Striga resistance: Cloak the strigolactone

Food & Food Security

The parasitic weed Striga is a major threat to sorghum production in tropical Africa and Asia, negatively affecting the livelihoods of hundreds of million people. Fortunately, Striga resistance already exists in sorghum germplasm although the molecular basis remains unclear. Read More

Two people walking in a subway

Why climate change may be to blame for dangerous cold blanketing eastern U.S.

Environment & Public Health

With wind chills around 30 below, the outdoors will be miserable for Americans in the Northeast, Southeast and Great Plains due to Arctic air. These record-breaking temperatures could be due to the warming climate. Read More

Three dairy cows

Addressing the emotion of animal welfare

Animals & Livestock

Animal activists are successfully influencing the consumer’s view of animal welfare by appealing to the core values people believe in, such as compassion, justice, fairness and freedom. Read More

Soybeans in a bowl

Approaches to Sulfur Management with Soybean Crops

Crops & Plant Science

Over the last few years, we have been documenting some remarkable soybean yield responses (upwards of 13 bushels) to sulfur (S) in northwestern Indiana. I shared more details of these trials this winter and in various articles across the Midwest, says Shaun N. Casteel.  Read More

Wheat Field

New Purdue Extension program helps grain farmers transition to organic production

Crops & Plant Science

With organic food sales climbing to a record $43 billion in 2016 — more than 8 percent over the previous year, switching from conventional to organic grain production is becoming increasingly compelling to more Hoosier farmers. Current razor thin margins for conventional grain production also provides another incentive for changing direction. Read More