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Jayson Lusk

Department Head/Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics

Lusk specializes in the economics of food and consumer preferences.

Dr. Jayson Lusk

Jayson Lusk oversees one of the country’s top agricultural economics programs. Lusk has also served on the editorial council of eight academic journals and his own research is widely cited within the field. In his own research, Lusk attempts to understand how consumer preferences are formed, especially in regards to food and nutrition. His research and experience have granted him a comprehensive overview of the rhetoric and trends that steer the field of agricultural economics

Lusk has authored several books parsing the economics of food consumption. His most recent publication, “Unnaturally Delicious,” details how experts in technology and agriculture can collaborate to solve issues of food insecurity and nutrient deficiencies. In his book, Lusk investigates projects where scientists grow meat without livestock, manufacture edible food on 3D printers and employ technological advances to increase crop yields and limit runoff. Lusk also writes a blog where he demystifies questions of food economics for the public and can often be found as a source in the media, answering questions about the politics and economics of what we eat and why.

Lusk is frequently interviewed by broadcast and print reporters on topics of pressing national and global interest.

Ph.D. in agricultural economics, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

B.S. in food technology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

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