Jenna Rickus

Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Jenna Rickus

Biomedical engineering is the new frontier when it comes to treatments for chronic illnesses and diseases, and you might say Jenn Rickus is one of the field’s many pioneers. A Purdue University alumna, Rickus is a professor in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and also serves as associate vice provost for teaching and learning. She established and oversees Rickus Laboratory, which develops biofunctional materials able to communicate with cells, tissues and organisms.

Rickus’ recent research tackles a number of serious diseases, including Glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer highly resistant to current forms of treatment, and diabetes. Along with her research group, Rickus is developing biofunctional materials that can interact and respond to stimuli from living cells, making these materials a powerful tool in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Rickus’ research also touches on food safety and neuroengineering.