Congratulations Spring 2022 Graduates

Congratulations to those who earned degrees from Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication in spring 2022!

Our entire department hopes you have learned and experienced many great things during your time here. We also hope you enjoyed your Purdue experiences as much as we enjoyed being part of them.

Agricultural Communication

Photo of Haley Baker

Haley Baker
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Communications Specialist — Northern International Livestock Exposition, Billings, Montana
“My time at Purdue went by pretty darn quick, but I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences I had those four years. From conferences and internships that took me all over the country, I'm most proud of seeing an opportunity and going for it. Relocating to Billings, Montana, has me very excited for my future, as I'll be working for an organization whose mission resonates so much with me. I'm leaving Purdue with some dear friendships, incredible memories, and a full heart.”

Photo of Claire Baney

Claire Baney
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Incoming Orr Fellow — Folia, Bloomington, Indiana
“Among the valuable lessons Purdue taught me, I’m most grateful for leaning into learning opportunities and building relationships outside the College of Agriculture. Being intentional in this pursuit contributed to an even more dynamic college experience. I learned from people who held different perspectives . Meaningful conversations with others led to greater understanding, empathy, and appreciation for people and ideas. I’m not the same Boilermaker as when I started; I’ve grown, am still growing, and am endlessly focused on becoming my most integrated self.”

Photo of Laura Barrett

Laura Barrett
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“I am excited to see where innovations in new technology will take us in our future careers. We have access to the world at our fingertips, which creates so many new avenues to connect with people and share agriculture's story. I am proud of the opportunities, experiences, and networks I was able to gain during my time at Purdue.”

Photo of Hannah Deno

Hannah Deno
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist — Co-Alliance, Avon, Indiana
“I am excited for the future because the experiences and classes I have taken have prepared me for anything to come. Being able to adapt and do school during a pandemic is something that has been a huge challenge. Being able to get through that, I know I will be able to get through many and most challenges that come my way.”

Photo of Maranda Elswick

Maranda Elswick
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“I think that I am most proud of the hard work that I have put in during my time at Purdue. I have pushed myself to do the best in all my classes, and I have pushed myself to work hard in my extracurriculars. I think I really showed myself how much I can do and learn, which makes me really excited for my future. I feel like my hard work is finally paying off as I close out my time at Purdue. I am excited to see what I can do with my degree.”

Photo of Grace Hasler

Grace Hasler
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Professional Development Program — BASF, Raleigh, North Carolina; Columbus, Indiana; Washington, D.C.
“The future of agriculture is full of self-driving tractors, sustainable practices, and better production opportunities for farmers. But what truly excites me about the future of the industry is its leaders. My experiences at Purdue have introduced me to the most passionate, bright, kind-hearted, and selfless entrepreneurs whose passion lies with producing the food, fiber, and fuel to support the world.”

Photo of Jabob Kessens

Jacob Kessens
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“I was able to find what I am passionate about, which is the future of agriculture. I came to Purdue so unsure on what career path I wanted to take. I finally found my home in AgCom, which has given me the tools that I need to pursue an agricultural career. I am excited for my career, because Purdue has taught me the tools that I'll need to succeed.”

Photo of Oliva Kuhn

Olivia Kuhn
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Marketing Coordinator — BW Fusion, Fort Wayne, Indiana
“I am proud that, despite the circumstances during my time at Purdue, I was able to step out and find my own place on campus. I’m excited about all the opportunities that the future presents. I don’t know what the next steps will look like, but I know that Purdue has helped set me up for success in whatever that may be!”

Photo of Kirsten Mehling

Kirsten Mehling
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Operator Development Specialist — Grande Cheese, Austin, Texas
“One thing I am proud to say I have been a part of at Purdue is the Rising Professionals organization. I was fortunate enough to host one of seven distinguished alumni in the spring of 2022. The purpose of the organization is to connect undergraduate students to younger, successful professionals. I was able to grow so much professionally through this process and make a lot of fun memories. I was also able to build stronger relationships with fellow students from diverse backgrounds that I now call friends.”

Photo of Katie Mize

Katie Mize
B.S., Agricultural Communication
First Destination: Assistant Marketing Manager, CISCO Companies, Indianapolis
“I am proud of learning who I wanted to be while at Purdue. Before I came to college, I had this idea that everyone was supposed to be perfect and already knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives, and I quickly learned that wasn’t the case. I am so proud of the friends and the memories that I have made here at Purdue. I know I’ll miss this campus, but I am excited to see where this degree takes me! I know that I will be back as an alumna! Boiler up!”

Photo of Kari Slagel

Kari Slagel
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“I’m excited about the future because I know my opportunities to learn don’t end when I graduate. My experiences at Purdue have helped me figure out where my passions lie and have given me the knowledge and skills to pursue those. I’m excited to use what I’ve learned to continue learning and be the storyteller in agriculture that I’ve been working toward being.”

Photo of Isabelle Titus

Isabelle Titus
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“I value the memories and friendships I made at Purdue as well as the experiences I’ve had through the ASEC department that have allowed me to grow into a professional. I’m excited to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in the real world. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me in my career.”

Photo of Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker
B.S., Agricultural Communication
“Of my time at Purdue, I'm most proud of the off-campus opportunities that I got to be a part of with ASEC. My personal favorite is when Dr. Tucker and I organized a program for the Midwest Women in Agriculture conference. We put together a program for FFA members to learn about opportunities within agriculture and Purdue ASEC. I'm excited about the future because I am confident in my foundation that has been built during my time at Purdue. I also know that I have a network of peers, professors, and staff who I can always call upon.”

Agricultural Education

Photo of Ken Fuelling

Ken Fuelling
B.S., Agricultural Education
First Destination: Master’s Degree Program — Purdue Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
“The future is exciting because I am being allowed the opportunity to experience higher education and dive into incredibly impactful topics to learn about how I can contribute to societal understanding. I am also excited to continue my personal growth outside of education with pushing myself to become more present in each moment to truly appreciate what I have. Hearing more music, trying new foods, traveling, meeting new people.”

Photo of Emily Kilmer

Emily Kilmer
B.S., Agricultural Education
“The future holds many excitements for agriculture, as well as me. I am looking forward to impacting students' lives and leading them toward being productive members of society. I also look forward to showing others what agriculture can do in the present and future. I feel that education is the key to many agricultural issues, and I am excited to make a ripple effect in that industry.”

Photo of Megan Nowling

Megan Nowling
B.S., Agricultural Education
“Something that makes me excited for the future is working with students in my own classroom who have the drive and determination to go above and beyond their work inside and outside the classroom. Helping these students meet their goals is what I’m most excited for, because I was that student, and I wouldn't be getting ready to go into teaching if it wasn't for my parents, high school agriculture teacher, my advisors, professors, and many others who supported me.”


Kyle Swafford
B. S., Agricultural Education