Food and Beverage Industries' COVID-19 Vulnerability Index by U.S. States and Counties

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About the dashboard

This dashboard presents the estimated production value that could be lost due to COVID-19 illness among industry workers. The data can be tuned from the U.S. total down to an individual county. A user also can select and see data for specific food and beverage sectors, for example, dairy product manufacturing, sugar and confectionery product manufacturing, and animal processing. Users can find information on estimated vulnerable production in the past 365 days and past 30 days; COVID-19 industry worker cases in the past 365 days and past 30 days; total industry jobs, and total payrolled industry establishments. This dashboard can display information both at the state and county levels. The dashboard is updated daily and adjusts its estimates based on the number of reported COVID cases in an area.

How to use it

Select an industry to see state-level estimates of vulnerable production. The U.S. map presents state-level information; however, you can click on the double-down arrow button to get a county-level view.

Variable definitions

Expected Industry Workers with COVID19: Calculated at the industry-county level as (Industry Jobs divided by Population) multiplied by (Confirmed COVID19 Cases).

Average Labor Productivity ($): Calculated at the industry-county level as (Gross Regional Product divided by Industry Jobs).

Estimated Vulnerable Production ($): Calculated at the industry-county level as (Expected Industry Workers with COVID19 multiplied by Average Labor Productivity).

Data sources

Dashboard uses two datasets: (i) EMSI – [for 2019 data on Gross Regional Product, Payrolled Establishments, Industry Jobs, Population], and (ii) John Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 Data [for data on COVID-19 cases, released on a daily basis.]

Dashboard Authors

Annapurni Subramaniam, Ahmad Wahdat, Jayson Lusk

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