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majors_minors: Animal Sciences: Behavior/Well-Being


Animal Sciences: Behavior/Well-Being

Degree Level

Bachelor of Science

Minor Code


Advisor's Name

Ashley York

Advisor's Phone

(765) 494-4843

Advisor's Email


Students desiring a balance of animal production, behavioral sciences, and well-being are best served by this option in the department of Animal Sciences. Careers available as managers of animal production units (e.g., beef cow-calf or feed lot manager, flock supervisor, swine manager or horse trainer or breeder). Limited career opportunities may be available as an animal trainer, zoo environmental enhancement specialist, companion animal consultant, breed association animal well-being specialist, and pet safety education specialist for a humane society. Students interested in advanced studies can become animal behavior consultants or scientists at universities.

Credit Hours



Freshman Year

First Semester

(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University)
(0.5) AGR 11400 (Introduction to Animal Sciences Academic Programs)
(4) BIOL 11000 (Fundamentals of Biology I)
(4) CHM 11500 (General Chemistry)
(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)
(3) MA 22300 (Introductory Analysis I)
Total Credits: 16
Second Semester
(1) ANSC 18100 (Orientation to Animal Sciences)
(4) BIOL 11100 (Fundamentals of Biology II)
(4) CHM 11600 (General Chemistry)
(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)
(3) MA 22400 (Introductory Analysis II)
(3) Animal sciences selective
Total Credits: 18

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

(3) ANSC 22100 (Principles of Animal Nutrition)
(3) CHM 25500 (Organic Chemistry)
(1) CHM 25501 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)
(3) Behavior/well-being selective
(3) Economics selective
(3) Written or oral communication selective
Total Credits: 16
Fourth Semester
(3) AGRY 32000 (Genetics)
(1) AGRY 32100 (Genetics Laboratory)
(4) ANSC 23000 (Physiology of Domestic Animals)
(3) CHM 25600 (Organic Chemistry)
(1) CHM 25601 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)
(3) Humanities selective
Total Credits: 15

Junior Year

Fifth Semester

(3) ANSC 40400 (Animal Welfare)
(3) BCHM 30700 (Biochemistry)
(3) STAT 30100 (Elementary Statistical Methods)
(3) Animal physiology selective
(3) Animal products selective
(3) Social science selective
Total Credits: 18
Sixth Semester
(3) Additional written communication selective
(4) Animal genetics selective
(3) Animal nutrition selective
(3) Behavior/well-being selective
(3) Humanities selective
Total Credits: 16

Senior Year

Seventh Semester

(1) ANSC 48100 (Contemporary Issues in Animal Sciences)
(3) Animal production/management selective
(3) Animal sciences selective
(3) Behavior/well-being selective
(3) Social science or humanities selective
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 16
Eighth Semester
(2) Animal sciences selective
(3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)
(10) Electives
Total Credits: 15

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Animal Sciences


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