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majors_minors: Plant Science: Plant Ecology and Environment


Plant Science: Plant Ecology and Environment

Degree Level

Bachelor of Science

Minor Code


Advisor's Name

Tyson McFall

Advisor's Phone

(765) 494-0352

Advisor's Email


The Plant Ecology and Environment concentration is for students interested in understanding how plants interact with other organisms and their environment.  Courses in this major apply ecological principles to examining the processes structuring natural and managed plant systems such as forests, prairies, wetlands, and croplands. Students will gain practical experience in marketable skills such as plant identification, plant sampling techniques, weed management, and geographic information systems.  This concentration is for students interested in careers with public and non-profit land management agencies, environmental consulting firms, and for students preparing for advanced degrees in ecology and evolution.

Credit Hours



Freshman Year

First Semester

(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University)
(0.5) AGR 11600 (Introduction to Botany and Plant Pathology Academic Programs)
(4) BTNY 11000 (Introduction to Plant Science)
(3) CHM 11100 (General Chemistry)
(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)
(3) MA 22000 (Introduction to Calculus)
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 17
Second Semester
(3) AGEC 20400 (Introduction to Resource Economics and Environmental Policy) or (3) AGEC 21700 (Economics)
(3) CHM 11200 (General Chemistry)
(3) BTNY 20700 (The Microbial World)
(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 16

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

(4) CHM 25700 (Organic Chemistry)
(1) CHM 25701 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)
(3) BTNY 20900 (Plant Diversity)
(3) Concentration selective
(3) Social science or humanities selective
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 17
Fourth Semester
(3) BCHM 30700 (Biochemistry)  
(1) BCHM 30900 (Biochemistry Laboratory)
(3) BTNY 30200 (Plant Ecology)
(6) Concentration selectives
(3) Physics selective
Total Credits: 16

Junior Year

Fifth Semester

(4) BTNY 31600 (Plant Anatomy)
(4) HORT 30100 (Plant Physiology)
(3) Concentration selective
(3) Social science selective
(3) Written or oral communication selective
Total Credits: 17
Sixth Semester
(3) AGRY 32000 (Genetics)
(1) AGRY 32100 (Genetics Laboratory)
(3) STAT 50300 (Statistical Methods for Biology)
(3) Concentration selective
(3) Humanities selective
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 16

Senior Year

Seventh Semester

(3) BTNY 49800 (Research in Plant Science)
(6) Concentration selectives
(3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)
(3) Elective
Total Credits: 15
Eighth Semester
(1) BTNY 49700 (Undergraduate Seminar)
(3) Humanities selective
(3) International understanding selective
(9) Electives
Total Credits: 16

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Plant Science


Major: Concentration




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