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majors_minors: International Studies in Agriculture


International Studies in Agriculture

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Tim Kerr

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Minor Code: INTA

Departmental permission is required to enroll in this minor. Please contact Tim Kerr in Room 121 of the Agricultural Administration Building.

To qualify for this minor, students normally will be expected to focus on a specific country or geographical region.

Individuals must demonstrate proficiency in a second language by completing or establishing credit by examination in the fourth course in a language (Language 20200) and by completing a conversation course in the language if offered. Language proficiency may be demonstrated by successfully passing the Foreign Service Institute examination at Level 2 in both reading and speaking.

Students must complete a minimum of 15 semester credits of courses with a principal international focus in the areas of culture (anthropology, art, literature, philosophy, or sociology), political science, history, or economics. A minimum of six credits of this coursework must be focused on the geographic region of choice. A minimum of six credits must be completed outside of the College of Agriculture.

Individuals must participate in a cooperative work, internship, study abroad, or cultural exchange experience of eight weeks or more in the selected geographic region.

Students must submit a summary paper and make an oral presentation documenting the integration of the various learning and experiential activities which were undertaken in the foreign stay.

Students from any College of Agriculture major may earn the International Studies in Agriculture minor. The Office of International Programs in Agriculture will provide special counsel to students regarding program operations, including the identification and coordination of out-of-country experiences.

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