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majors_minors: Biochemistry



Degree Level

Bachelor of Science

Minor Code


Advisor's Name

Sherry Pogranichniy

Advisor's Phone

(765) 494-1612

Advisor's Email


Biochemistry, the chemistry of living things, is concerned with the basic materials and processes of life itself. Biochemists seek to determine the chemical nature of such fundamental processes as photosynthesis, the hormonal control of metabolism, and selective gene expression. Knowledge of the chemical structures and interactions of biological materials will help us understand life processes and solve basic biological problems. Trained biochemical scientists are much in demand for research and teaching in universities and for research and development work in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medical laboratories, and state and federal governments. Students who complete the Department of Biochemistry curriculum satisfactorily will be prepared to assume responsible professional positions, undertake advanced work at the graduate level, or attend medical school.

Credit Hours



Freshman Year

First Semester

(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University)

(0.5) AGR 11500 (Introduction to Biochemistry Academic Programs)

(2) BCHM 10000 (Introduction to Biochemistry)

(2) BIOL 12100 (Biology I: Diversity, Ecology, and Behavior) or (4) BIOL 11000 (Fundamentals of Biology I)*

(4) CHM 11500 (General Chemistry)

(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)

(3) MA 22300 (Introductory Analysis I) or (3) MA 23100 (Calculus for the Life Sciences I)

Total Credits: 15

Second Semester

(3) BIOL 13100 (Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms) or BIOL 11100 (Fundamentals of Biology II)**

(4) CHM 11600 (General Chemistry)

(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)

(3) MA 22400 (Introductory Analysis II) or (3) MA 23200 (Calculus for the Life Sciences II)

(3) Social science selective

Total Credits: 17

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

(3) BCHM 22100 (Analytical Biochemistry)

(3) BIOL 23100 (Biology III: Cell Structure and Function)

(2) BIOL 23200 (Laboratory in Biology III: Cell Structure and Function)

(3) CHM 25500 (Organic Chemistry)

(1) CHM 25501 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)

(3) Humanities selective

(3) Elective

Total Credits: 18


Fourth Semester 

(3) AGRY 32000 (Genetics) or (3) BIOL 24100 (Biology IV: Genetics and Molecular Biology)

(1) AGRY 32100 (Genetics Laboratory) or (2) BIOL 24200 (Laboratory in Biology IV: Genetics and Molecular Biology)***

(1) BCHM 29000 (Experimental Design Seminar)

(2) BCHM 32200 (Analytical Biochemistry II)

(3) BCHM 36100 (Molecules)

(3) CHM 25600 (Organic Chemistry)

(1) CHM 25601 (Organic Chemistry Laboratory)

(3) Social science or humanities selective

Total Credits: 17

Junior Year

Fifth Semester

(1) BCHM 39000 (Professional Development Seminar)

(3) BCHM 46200 (Metabolism)

(4) PHYS 22000 (General Physics)

(3) Science selective

(3) Written or oral communication selective

(3) Elective

Total Credits: 17


Sixth Semester

(3) AGEC 21700 (Economics)

(4) PHYS 22100 (General Physics)

(3) Science selective

(3) Social science, humanities, or international understanding selective

(4) Electives

Total Credits: 17

Senior Year

Seventh Semester

(3) BCHM 46300 (Macromolecular Machines)

(1) BCHM 49800 (Research in Biochemistry)

(3) STAT 50300 (Statistical Methods for Biology)

(3) Humanities selective

(3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)

(3) Elective

Total Credits: 16

Eighth Semester

(2) BCHM 46500 (Biochemistry of Life Processes)

(1) BCHM 49000 (Undergraduate Seminar)

(2) BCHM 49800 (Research in Biochemistry)

(4) CHM 37200 (Physical Chemistry)

(3) Science selective

(3) Social science, humanities, or international understanding selective

Total Credits: 15

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