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majors_minors: Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Degree Level

Bachelor of Science

Minor Code


Advisor's Name

Robert W. Sovinski

Advisor's Phone

(765) 494-1341

Advisor's Email


Landscape architecture is education in the design and technology of the human-made landscape. The curriculum offered by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture focuses on professional preparation for a career in landscape architecture in private practice; public agencies; or related land-use, design-oriented areas. The plan of study for landscape architecture consists of one year of prelandscape architecture and four years of professional landscape architecture that includes one year of cooperative work experience.

Credit Hours



Freshman Year

First Semester

(3) AD 10500 (Design I)

(0.5) AGR 10100 (Introduction to the College of Agriculture and Purdue University)

(0.5) AGR 12000 (Introduction to Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Academic Programs)

(4) BIOL 11000 (Fundamentals of Biology I)

(4) ENGL 10600 (First-Year Composition)

(3) LA 10100 (Survey of Landscape Architecture)

(3) LA 11600 (Graphic Communication for Students of Landscape Architects and Design)

Total Credits: 18

Second Semester

(4) BIOL 11100 (Fundamentals of Biology II) or (4) BTNY 11000 (Introduction to Plant Science)

(3) COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)

(3) LA 21600 (Landscape Architectural Design I)

(3) Art and design selective

(3) Elective

Total Credits: 16

Sophomore Year

Third Semester

(4) HORT 21700 (Woody Landscape Plants)

(3) LA 11700 (Computer Technology in Design)

(4) LA 24600 (Site Systems I)

(3) Economics selective

(3) Statistics or calculus selective**

Total Credits: 17

Fourth Semester

(3) ASM 21500 (Surveying)

(3) LA 16600 (History and Theory of Landscape Architecture)

(4) LA 22600 (Landscape Architectural Design II)

(3) LA 22700 (Planting Design I)

(3) Humanities selective

Total Credits: 16

Junior Year

Fifth Semester

(3) HORT 31700 (Landscape Contracting and Management)

(1) LA 30900 (Co-op Preparation)​

(5) LA 31600 (Landscape Architectural Design III)

(3) LA 32500 (Planting Design II)

(3) LA 34600 (Site Systems II)

Total Credits: 15

Sixth Semester

(3) LA 25000 (Architectural Design)

(5) LA 32600 (Landscape Architectural Design IV)

(4) LA 35600 (Site Systems III)

(3) Mathematics or sciences selective

(2) Elective

Total Credits: 17


Internship Period (Cooperative Employment)***

(0) LA 39000 (Professional Cooperative Programs in Landscape Architecture)

Senior Year

Seventh Semester

(5) LA 41600 (Landscape Architectural Design V)

(2) LA 47600 (Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture)

(3) Mathematics or sciences selective

(3) Social science or humanities selective (30000+ level)

(3) Written or oral communication selective

Total Credits: 16

Eighth Semester

(5) LA 42600 (Capstone Course in Landscape Architectures)

(3) Mathematics or sciences selective

(3) Social science selective

(3) Social science or humanities selective

(3) Elective

Total Credits: 17

Additional Information

*Progression policy: Landscape architecture design and construction courses are taken in a sequence to foster the development of professional skills. A student may repeat a course designated LA only once.
Computer requirement: Students who are admitted into the landscape architecture professional program will be required to be equipped with a personal computer. Computer specifications and required software will be published annually. The student will be responsible for the security of the computer.

**Students who do not take calculus must establish mathematical competency by passing the MA 15900 advanced credit examination or by enrolling in and satisfactorily completing MA 15300 and MA 15400, or MA 15900. Credits in one of these courses may be used as an elective in the plan of study subject to the approval by the student's academic advisor.

***Students must register for two semesters of LA 39000, or equivalent. A single uninterrupted period of 40 weeks of employment as an intern in an approved professional design office, either private or governmental, is required prior to graduation. This period is intended to be completed between the sixth and seventh semesters but may be taken between the fifth and sixth semesters upon written consent of the program chair.










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