​Ag Research Fund Scholarship Information

Undergraduate researchers may apply for scholarships through Ag Research at Purdue (ARP).  Scholarships apply to the following academic year and provide $1,000 each for fall and spring semesters (if the student is only here one semester, s/he only is eligible for $1,000). Students must be enrolled in the College of Agriculture and also must be doing research in the College of Agriculture to receive this funding.

Each research mentor/professor also receives $500 from ARP.

Recipients are required to enroll in research credit and submit a progress report each semester they receive funding. In addition, students in the spring poster exhibition to showcase their research.

Applications for the next funding cycle are currently being accepted.  Please submit completed forms by email to Lara Rodgers at rodgerl@purdue.edu​ no later than March 27, 2015.​

For more information regarding the guidelines, application, and timeline, please use the following link: https://ag.purdue.edu/oap/Pages/undergrad_research.aspx.