Dean's Scholars


Incoming first year students who meet the criteria below are invited to participate in the Dean's Scholars program. Students may also enter later if they meet the criteria for credits (at least 60 remaining credits), GPA (at least 3.5), and application. More information about the formal process follows.​

Dean's Scholars

  • Enroll by Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR) during the summer before fall classes of their first year*
  • Participate in Dean's Scholars events
  • Enroll in designated Dean's Scholars course based on when you started the program* 
  • Maintain excellent grades (GPA of 3.25 or higher)
  • Enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester that they're in residence at the West Lafayette campus
  • Complete a creative scholarly work (bachelor's thesis or other project)
  • Participate at least once in the a poster symposium (DiscoverU)
  • Complete at least 12 honors credits
  • Receive Dean's Scholar designation at graduation
  • Must participate in 8 events in order to receive the Dean's Scholars Designation at graduation

* These criteria do not apply to students who enroll in the program as transfer or continuing students.

The poster symposium will take place on April 12, 2016.


The Dean's Scholars Program provides incoming undergraduate students or current students who have achieved high academic status the honor of being designated a “Dean's Scholar." In addition, the program will motivate students early in their academic programs to participate in rigorous and stimulating academic courses, research, and enrichment activities. For more information, click on the link below that pertains to you:

                                  Program Requirements


Departmental Honors Contacts

If you have questions about the Dean's Scholars program, contact your departmental representative or call 765-494-8470.

Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Dr. Jenna Rickus
Agricultural Economics
Dr. Michael Wetzstein
Dr. Ronald F. Turco, Jr.
Animal Science
Dr. Zoltan Machaty
Dr. Harry Charbonneau
​Botany & Plant Pathology
Dr. Mary A. Webb
Dr. Christian Y. Oseto
Food Science
Dr. Lisa Mauer
Forestry & Natural Resources
Dr. Patrick Zollner
Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Dr. Cary Mitchell
Natural Resources & Environmental Science
Dr. John Graveel
Youth Development & Agricultural Education
Dr. Roger Tormoehlen
Mary Helen Halsema


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