Honors Courses

Solicitation for Maymester '12, Summer '12, Fall '12, and Spring '13 Proposals for Honors Courses

Proposals are due to Tim Kerr in the Office of Academic Programs by Friday, December 16, 2011. Review of the proposals and awards will be made by the end of January 2012. Courses that meet the honors criteria for the College of Agriculture may be proposed at any time, but financial support is subject to the availability of remaining funds.

Proposal Requirements for New Courses

Proposals should include the following:

  • Catalog Information: Title, Semester(s) offered, Class/Lab hours, Credits, Prerequisite(s), Description (<150 words), Instructor(s)
  • Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Justification and level of course (priority given to introductory courses)
  • Grading
  • Text(s)
  • Syllabus or schedule
  • Proposed course number (27500 or 47500 Honors level)
  • If desired—justification of how the course will satisfy a COA Core requirement (The Honors Committee will review and make a recommendation, but the final decision of whether the course can be used to fulfill a COA Core requirement rests with the CSRC.)
In addition, please address the following questions:
  • What uniquely makes this course an Honors Course?
  • What components of the course give it broad appeal?
  • How would you publicize the course so as to encourage students from outside your department to enroll?
  • How will specific opportunities in the course help students develop written and oral communication skills?

Guidelines for College of Agriculture Honors Courses

  • Student to faculty ratio < 25:1
  • All aspects of course led by faculty
  • Open to students in the Dean’s Scholars Program, College of Agriculture Honors Program, or other Purdue Honors Programs (preference given to College of Agriculture students)
  • Course taken by permission of instructor
  • Interdisciplinary component
  • Significant written and oral presentation components

College of Agriculture faculty members are encouraged to develop honors divisions for existing courses. For example, AGRY could offer a new division of AGRY 25500 Soil Science--Honors while still offering the course in the usual manner. Existing courses offered as honors courses should follow the same principles as new courses (see above). Under Proposal Requirements faculty must justify the honors designation. Funding requests to support new honors divisions for existing courses should be sent directly to Tim Kerr. These will be considered by the College Honors Committee for funding and consideration for Honors designation.