Nadya NaumannNadya Naumann

Shelby SwainShelby Swain

Nadya Naumaan,

Nadya Naumaan, a senior from Bloomington MN, is majoring in Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering with a minor in Ecological and Environmental Engineering.  Nadya stated, “The College of Agriculture Public Policy Internship Program is a great way to gain firsthand experience on how policies are developed and implemented.  Scientists and engineers regularly propose technological solutions to address societal problems but these remain as words on paper unless action is taken.  Being able to learn at firsthand how a policy is developed, reviewed, and approved for implementation is a great way to see how the entire system works from researchers to lawmakers.”

Nadya interned the summer of 2014 at the Congressional Research Service.  Nadya reflected, “I got a good amount of exposure to the field I am interested in in a different context, and this was beneficial for introducing me to alternative career paths for my major.”

At Purdue, Nadya is a Treasurer in the Muslim Student Association, a member of the Boiler Volunteer Network, Karsaz, and ASABE.  She plans to have a position in water quality and distribution when she graduates.

Shelby Swain,

Shelby Swain, is a junior from Fishers, IN, majoring in Agribusiness with a concentration in Marketing, indicates, “I have developed a passion for promoting Agriculture and discussing the industry’s importance to the public.  One of my career interests is representing the Agriculture industry within the government system in order to help Agriculture function in the safest, most efficient way while educating and engaging the public through policy.  I want to earn the opportunity to promote Agriculture and keep policymakers focused on the industry’s best interest in coordination with the consumers’ welfare worldwide.”

Shelby interned this past summer at the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.  She states. “NCFC is one of the top trade associations to work for in DC.  They work on a variety of issues and allow the interns to get a taste of the multitude of things happening.  It is more than just being an intern for the summer.  The staff is dedicated to making the experience worthwhile and important to the student and the organization.”

On the list of organizations Shelby has been involved with at Purdue includes a Boiler Gold Ambassador for Purdue football, Athletic Affairs Committee Student Representative, Purdue Department of Agriculture Economics Envoy, Department of Agricultural Economics Class of 2017 mentor, and an Assistant Vice President of New Member Education at Sigma Kappa Sorority, Beta Sigma Chapter.