Curriculum and Student Relations Committee



Name Department Years
​Brad C. Joern ​Agronomy ​3
​Mark C. Hall Biochemistry​ 3​
​Michael R. Saunders ​Forestry and Natural Resources 3​
​Colleen M. Brady Youth Development and Agricultural Education​ 3​
​Bryan G. Young ​Botany and Plant Pathology ​​2
​Christian Y. Oseto ​Entomology ​2
​Kee-Hong Kim ​Food Science ​2
​David Barbarash ​Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
​Keith A. Cherkauer Agricultural and Biological Engineering ​1
​Craig L. Dobbins
Agricultural Economics ​1
​John S. Radcliffe
Animal Sciences ​1
John G. Graveel Natural Resources & Environmental Science  
​Shawn S. Donkin ​​Agricultural Research Programs
J. Marcos Fernandez Academic Programs  
Timothy P. Kerr
Academic Programs
Amy Burbrink Undergraduate Student
To Be Determined
Graduate Student  

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener