Grade Appeals Committee


 Grade Appeals Committee


Name Department Years
Abigail S. Engelbert Agricultural and Biological Engineering 1
Gerald A. Harrison Agricultural Economics 1
Shalamar D. Armstrong Agronomy 1
Paul D. Ebner Animal Sciences 1
Jeremy R. Lohman Biochemistry 1
Jin-Rong Xu Botany and Plant Pathology 1
Jeffrey J. Stuart
Entomology 1
Bruce M. Applegate Food Science 1
Zhao Ma Forestry and Natural Resources 1
Peter M. Hirst Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 1
Neil A. Knoblock Youth Development and Agricultural Education 1
J. Marcos Fernandez* Academic Programs (Undergraduate Students)
​Shawn S. Donkin ​Agricultural Research Programs (Graduate Students)

*Denotes Chairperson or Convener (for undergraduate appeals)

Undergraduate Students

Name   Years
​Peili Wang
​Joseph Ascolese 1​
Elizabeth Amundson​ ​1st Alternate ​1
​Sara Holderbaum 2nd Alternate​ 1​
​Mark Aronson 3rd Alternate​ 1​
​Kyle Schmidt ​4th Alternate 1​
​Stuart Hamilton ​5th Alternate ​1
​Brian Wagler ​6th Alternate ​1
​Austin McCoy ​7th Alternate ​1
​Sarah Letsinger ​8th Alternate ​1
​Taylor Nelson ​9th Alternate ​1

Graduate Students

Name   Years
William McClain   1
Russell Julian   1
Kathryn Graf 1st Alternate 1
Kristyna Oats 2nd Alternate 1
Julius Eason 3rd Alternate 1
Drew Lugar 4th Alternate 1
Kristina Gans 5th Alternate 1
Dana Nelson 6th Alternate 1
Trevor Lim 7th Alternate 1
Mohamed Aboelnour 8th Alternate 1