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Constitution of the Agricultural Faculty

Revised - May, 2012

The College of Agriculture is committed to the University's vision of preeminence in its missions of discovery, learning, and engagement.



A.   Composition of the Agricultural Faculty.  All employees with the rank of at least 
       Assistant Professor and those having the rank of Instructor for at least two years 
       shall be eligible to vote on all Agricultural Faculty matters.  Included are those 
       individuals appointed as an Adjunct Faculty (as defined in Executive Memorandum 
       C-12, 25 August 1987), or a Clinical Faculty member.  Research Faculty members 
       may vote on all items, excepting curricular matters.  Associate and Affiliate 
       administrative or professional appointees are specifically excluded.

B.   Chief Administrative Officer.  The chief administrative officer of the Agricultural 
       Faculty is the Dean of Agriculture.

C.   Instructional Department.  An Instructional Department as used in this document is 
       defined in the University Academic Procedures Manual, Section K-1.

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A.   The Faculty of Agriculture shall have jurisdiction, consistent with University   
       policy, of specific internal affairs, and shall discuss and make recommendations 
       regarding all matters affecting its responsibilities in teaching, research, and 
       extension.  Specifically the Agricultural Faculty shall:  

           1.     Establish course content, curricula, requirements, and certification for  

           2.     Advise the Dean in matters of educational policy and long-term planning
                   that affect the responsibilities of the Agricultural Faculty.

           3.     Advise the Dean and others on matters that concern Agricultural Faculty and 
                   student welfare.

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A.   The powers of the Agricultural Faculty shall be exercised at open meetings of 
       the entire Agricultural Faculty, convened after proper written notification.  
       The presiding officer shall be the Dean or his or her designee.  The Dean shall 
       appoint a Secretary of the Agricultural Faculty who shall keep the minutes of all 
       meetings and a Parliamentarian who shall rule on all questions of procedure.

          1.     Regular meetings shall be called at least once during each of the fall and 
                   spring semesters of the University calendar, at times set by the Agenda 
                   and Policy Committee.  At least one week prior to the announced date of 
                   the meeting, the Agenda and Policy Committee shall distribute an 
                   announcement and agenda for the meeting to each voting member.
          2.     Fifteen percent of the Agricultural Faculty shall constitute a quorum at an 
                  Agricultural Faculty meeting.  No meeting shall be held in the absence of 
                   a quorum.
          3.     Decisions of the Agricultural Faculty shall be reached by a simple 
                  majority of the Agricultural Faculty attending any called meeting.

                         a.     Voting will be by secret ballot if requested by any Agricultural 
                                 Faculty member present.
       b.     A mail or electronic vote by the Agricultural Faculty shall be conducted on any issue if requested by any voting Agricultural Faculty member and approved by one-fifth of the members present.  Issues in all mail or electronic ballots shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast.

           4.      To encourage informed and efficient discussion of Agricultural Faculty  
                    business, only items appearing on the distributed agenda may be acted upon 
                    at a meeting, unless consent is voted by three-fourths of the members  
                    present.  Written reports submitted for information only, even though not 
                    requiring immediate Agricultural Faculty action, shall whenever possible 
                    be distributed in advance of the meeting, and be noted on the agenda for 
                    question and discussion only. Any Agricultural Faculty member 
                    may introduce, for discussion only, any item not on the agenda at the 
                    appropriate time during regularly scheduled Agricultural Faculty meetings. 

           5.     The minutes of each Agricultural Faculty meeting shall be distributed to each 
                   Agricultural Faculty member within 10 days after the meeting, and to the 
                   Offices of the President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, and Directors.        

           6.     Special meetings may be called either by the Dean or by the Agenda and 
                   Policy Committee, or upon written request to the Agenda and Policy 
                   Committee by 10 or more Agricultural Faculty members.  At these 
                   meetings, the same rules of agenda and procedure shall apply as at regular 

           7.     Emergency meetings of the Agricultural Faculty may be called by the Dean 
                   or his or her designee in consultation with a representative of the Agenda 
                   and Policy Committee by verbal notification of each Department Head 
                   and Administrative Office at least two hours before such an emergency 
                   meeting is to be convened.  Regular rules of procedure shall apply except 
                   that such emergency meetings may consider and take appropriate action on 
                   emergency problems only.

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A.      The committees of this Agricultural Faculty include the following: Area 
          Promotions Committee, Standing Committees of the Agricultural Faculty, Ad Hoc 
          committees of the Agricultural Faculty, and Administrative Committees.  The 
          Dean shall distribute annually to all Agricultural Faculty members a list giving the 
          membership of all committees of these types.

          1.     Area Promotions Committee.  This committee shall receive and act upon the
                   recommendations of the primary committees in Agriculture in the regular 
                   promotions procedure of the University.  Membership of this committee 
                   shall include the Dean of Agriculture who shall be Chairperson and call 
                   meetings, the Director of Academic Programs, the Director of the 
                   Cooperative Extension  Service, the Director of Agricultural Research 
                   Programs, the Director of International Programs in Agriculture, Department 
                   Heads, and Agricultural Faculty Representatives (as described hereafter in 
                   Article IV) of the departments that normally generate promotions.  A 
                   quorum of this committee shall consist of seven-eighths of its membership 
                   with at least one-third of those present being Agricultural Faculty 
                   representatives.  Absentee ballots shall not be permitted.  This committee 
                   will carry out its functions in agreement with the "Policy Concerning 
                   Promotions," page N-73, Academic Procedure Manual.

                   a.     Eligibility to serve as an Agricultural Faculty representative of 
                           this committee shall be limited to tenured Full Professors 
                           in Agriculture who do not have major administrative                       
                   b.     The Agricultural Faculty of each department shall elect one 
                           eligible Agricultural Faculty representative to the committee 
                           according to the following procedures.
                           i.     Candidates shall be nominated at an open meeting of the 
                                  Agricultural Faculty of the department.
                           ii.     Each nominee must express willingness to serve if 
                           iii.    Elections shall be by written ballot in which all members 
                                    of the Agricultural Faculty (as defined in Article I, A) in 
                                    residence of a department have an opportunity to vote.
                           iv.     To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of 
                                    ballots cast.
                           v.      Elections shall be concluded before July 1 of the year in 
                                    which the term of service on the committee begins.
                   c.     The regular term of service for Agricultural Faculty representatives 
                           shall be three years, with approximately one-third of the 
                           apportionment elected each year according to a rotation schedule 
                           among the departments.  The Agenda and Policy Committee shall be 
                           empowered to establish details of the rotation schedule and to make 
                           adjustments in this schedule if necessitated by a change in the 
                           number of departments.  Each regular term of service shall  
                           begin July 1.  There shall be no restrictions on consecutive terms of 
                   d.    An Agricultural Faculty representative who is unable to complete the 
                           term of service or who is unable to participate in the affairs of the 
                           Area Promotions Committee shall be replaced by the 
                           department represented.  Procedures for filling such unexpired 
                           terms or temporary vacancies on the Committee shall be the same 
                           as for the election to a full term, except for the time of election.
          2.     Standing Committees of the Agricultural Faculty.  Such committees shall 
                  deal with policy or action matters of continuing concern to the 
                  Agricultural Faculty.  They shall be established or terminated only under 
                  the provisions of the constitution.
                   a.     Terms of membership on all Standing Committees shall commence 
                           one month prior to the last official day of the spring semester unless 
                           otherwise specified.  Before the last official day of the spring 
                           semester, the newly elected Chairperson shall provide the Secretary 
                           of the Agricultural Faculty with a list of the officers of his or her 
                           committee.  Members of Standing Committees shall be elected prior 
                           to March 1 in an open meeting of each department, unless otherwise 
                           specifically stated.  No Department Head shall be elected to serve.    
                   b.     Unless otherwise specifically stated, terms of membership shall be 
                           three years for elected members, with one-third of the members 
                           newly elected each year. Unless otherwise stated, no member shall 
                           be eligible for immediate re-election after completion of a 
                   c.     Excepting the Grade Appeals Committee, a Chairperson shall be elected
                           annually in a meeting held no later than the last official day of the spring
                           semester or May 1, whichever is earlier, by majority vote of the newly
                           elected and continuing voting members.  The organizational meeting
                           shall be called and chaired by the retiring Chairperson.
                   d.     Each committee has the responsibility for organizing itself, establishing
                           a frequency for conducting business commensurate with achieving
                           stated or perceived objectives in each area.
                   e.     At least once each academic year, committee Chairpersons shall review
                           with committee members those sections of the constitution and/or
                           Academic Procedure Manual that apply to the activities of that
                   f.     Each committee may appoint such sub-committees as it deems
                   g.     Each Standing Committee shall submit annually a written report to the
                           Agricultural Faculty.
                         i.     Agenda and Policy Committee.  The functions of this
                                committee shall be to maintain liaison between the administrative
                                officials of Agriculture and the Agricultural Faculty, and to guide
                                the Agricultural Faculty in the efficient exercise of its powers.
                                   A.     Schedule, announce, and prepare the agenda for Agricultural
                                            Faculty meetings in cooperation with the Dean.
                                   B.     Identify problems and counsel the Dean on policy matters of
                                            concern to the Agricultural Faculty.
                                   C.     Provide for periodic reports to the Agricultural Faculty from
                                            the Dean and the major administrative officers in the areas of
                                            teaching, research, and extension.
                                  D.      Act as a committee on committees: conduct the election of
                                            Senate representatives from Agriculture; and coordinate the
                                            activities of other standing committees of the Agricultural
                                  E.      The membership of the Agenda and Policy Committee shall
                                            consist of a voting representative from each Instructional
                                            Department and the Chairperson of the Senate
                                            representatives from Agriculture.  The Dean, or his or her
                                            designee, and the Secretary of the Agricultural Faculty shall
                                            serve as non-voting members of the committee.
                         ii.     Curriculum and Student Relations Committee.  The functions of this
                                  committee shall be to coordinate and evaluate on a continuing basis
                                  the course work, curricula, and teaching offered by the Instructional
                                  Departments of the College of Agriculture; to examine and make
                                  recommendations to the assembled Agricultural Faculty on
                                  proposed changes in course work, curricula, and degree
                                  requirements; and to ensure prompt attention to educational
                                  problems of students.
                                           Membership of this committee shall be one representative
                                           from each instructional department.  The Agricultural
                                           Faculty representative to the university Undergraduate
                                           Curriculum Council shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting
                                           member. Pro-tempore members may be appointed by the
                                           Dean to give recognition to interdisciplinary and other 
                                           programs.  The Director of Academic Programs, or his or 
                                           her designee; the Associate Director of Academic
                                           programs; and the Director of Agricultural Research
                                           Programs, or his or her designee shall serve as ex officio
                                           members.  One undergraduate student and one graduate
                                           student shall serve as non-voting members.  Student
                                           members shall be randomly selected by the Secretary of
                                           the Agricultural Faculty from a pool of one undergraduate
                                           student and one graduate student nominated by the
                                           Department Head from each instructional department.
                         iii.    Grade Appeals Committee.  The function of this committee is to
                                  provide recourse to a student who believes that an inappropriate
                                  grade has been assigned as a result of prejudice, caprice, or
                                  other improper conditions such as mechanical error, or
                                  assignment of a grade inconsistent with those assigned other
                                  students.  Additionally, a student may challenge the reduction of
                                  a grade assigned for his/her alleged dishonesty.
                                 A.     This committee shall consist of three members of the
                                          instructional Agricultural Faculty; two students,
                                          undergraduate or graduate, corresponding to the status of
                                          the appellant; and a non-voting Chairperson.  The
                                          Chairperson will be an Assistant or Associate Dean
                                          appointed by the Dean.
                                        1.     Faculty membership of this committee shall be
                                                randomly selected by the Chairperson of the Agenda and
                                                Policy Committee from a pool consisting of one
                                                Agricultural Faculty member elected annually from each
                                                Instructional Department.  Three members will be
                                                selected as regular members and all others in the pool
                                                shall serve as alternate members.  No member shall
                                                serve more than two consecutive terms.
                                        2.     Student membership shall consist of two undergraduate
                                                students and two graduate students.  In addition there
                                                will be nine alternates from each category selected to be
                                                used as necessary.  
                                                Undergraduate student members shall be randomly
                                                selected from a pool of one undergraduate student
                                                nominated by the Department Head from each
                                                instructional department.  Before the last official day of
                                                the spring semester, the Secretary of the Agricultural
                                                Faculty in consultation with the Chairperson of the
                                                Agenda and Policy Committee shall randomly select
                                                two undergraduate students from the pool and convey
                                                their names to the Chairperson of the Grade Appeals
                                                Committee.  The remaining undergraduate students in
                                                the pool shall be considered alternate members of the
                                                committee to serve as necessary.
                                                Graduate student regular members shall be selected in a
                                                random fashion from a pool of students from each
                                                Instructional Department.  Annually graduate students
                                                from each Instructional Department shall elect one
                                                graduate student from their Instructional Department to
                                                serve in the pool for a one-year period.  Before the last
                                                official day of the spring semester, the Secretary of the
                                                Agricultural Faculty in consultation with the
                                                Chairperson of the Agenda and Policy Committee shall
                                                randomly select two graduate students from the pool and
                                                convey their names to the Chairperson of the Grade
                                                Appeals Committee.  The remaining graduate students in
                                                the pool shall be considered alternate members of the
                                                committee to serve as necessary.
          3.     Ad Hoc Committees of the Agricultural Faculty.  Such committees shall
                  deal with policy or action matters not delegated to an established standing  
                  committee and unlikely to require continuing attention. Such committees
                  shall be established by the Dean or by vote of the Agricultural Faculty. 
                  Unless otherwise provided, such committees shall function by the
                  following rules:
                  a.     Size, membership, and leadership of these committees shall be
                          determined by the Dean, in consultation with the Agenda and Policy
                  b.     Such committees shall make a written report and final
                          recommendations to the Agricultural Faculty.
                  c.     Membership shall extend for the duration of the committee, and the
                          committee shall be disbanded upon acceptance of its report.
          4.     Administrative Committees upon Which Agricultural Faculty Members   
                  Serve. Such committees shall deal with regular tasks of administering the
                  established responsibilities of the subdivisions within
                  Agriculture.  Proposals for major changes in activities or policies
                  stemming from these committees will be reported to the Agricultural
                  Faculty.  Except when otherwise provided, these committees shall be
                  established by the Dean after consultation with appropriate major
                  administrative assistants to determine the need, membership, terms of
                  service, leadership, and reporting requirements.

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A.     Responsibilities.  The Senators from Agriculture shall be responsible for regular 
         participation in the activities of the University Senate, for communicating to the 
         Faculty of Agriculture and its subdivisions the direction of Senate actions and 
        deliberations, and for transmitting viewpoints and discussions of their Agricultural 
        Faculty to the University Senate.

B.     Election Procedure.

         1.     The Agricultural Faculty shall elect the number of Senators apportioned to 
                  Agriculture.  Terms of office 
shall be three years, with approximately one-
                  third of the apportionment elected each year prior to 
March 1.

         2.     Each Instructional Department shall have at least one, but no more than 
                  two, Agricultural Faculty serving as Senators.
         3.     Each department shall elect one Agricultural Faculty member (as defined
                 in Article I, A) to serve as its Senator according to the following
                 a.     Candidates must be nominated at an open meeting of the department.
                 b.     Nominees must state their willingness to serve after reviewing Senate
                         rules of operation and attendance.
                 c.     Elections shall be by secret ballot in which all members of the
                         Agricultural Faculty in residence of a department have an opportunity
                         to vote.
                 d.     To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of ballots cast.

         4.     In addition to the Senators elected as departmental representatives, Senators-
                 at-large shall be elected and so designated by the Agricultural Faculty to fill 
                 the remaining number of Senate vacancies assigned to Agriculture.

                 a.     Each department eligible to elect a Senator may submit only one nominee 
for Senator-at-large.  Such nominees will be selected by the departments 
                         in a manner identical to regular Senators.  Nominees will be forwarded to 
                         the Secretary of the Agricultural Faculty. 

                 b.     Election of Senators-at-large shall be by mail or electronic ballot of the  
entire Agricultural Faculty.  Ballots shall contain names of all candidates 
                         in random order.  Each Agricultural Faculty member may cast votes equal 
                         to but not to exceed the number of Senate vacancies to be filled.  That 
                         number of candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected.

                 c.     The number of votes cast for each candidate shall be filed with the Dean.


         5.     Immediately following each annual election, all Senators from Agriculture 
                 shall meet at the call of the Dean and elect a Chairperson.  The Chairperson 
                 shall act as a spokesman for the delegation and shall serve on the Agenda and 
                 Policy Committee.

         6.     Senators unable to complete their terms or unable to attend Senate meetings 
                 for periods of one regular semester or more shall be replaced.  Replacement  
                 for shorter periods of absence shall be at the option of the Senator in question 
                 or the department represented.  In either case, the replacement of a Senator 
                 shall be for the duration of the unexpired term.  Senators who are aware of 
                 the forthcoming need for their replacement should notify the Chairperson of 
                 the Agenda and Policy Committee.

                  a.     To replace Senators elected under B.3 above, the 
                          department represented shall elect a replacement 
                          (according to the procedures of B.3) upon request by   
                          the Chairperson of the Agenda and Policy Committee.

                  b.     Senators-at-large shall be replaced by the Agenda and 
                          Policy Committee from the most recent   list of 
                          candidates filed under Article V, B.4, above.  Candidates 
                          not previously elected shall be considered alternates, in 
                          the order of votes received.  Should a second 
                          replacement be required,    or should the first alternate be 
                          unavailable, the second alternate would be selected, etc.


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A.     Initiation of Amendments.  An amendment to this constitution may be initiated by 
         two-thirds vote of the Agenda and Policy Committee, or by written petition signed 
         by 10 members of the Faculty of Agriculture to the Agenda and Policy Committee.

B.     Ratification.  Any properly initiated amendment petition shall be placed on the 
         agenda of the next regular or special meeting of the Agricultural Faculty for 
         discussion.  At such a meeting, any proposed amendment may be further amended 
         by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance.  Thereafter, it shall be submitted to a 
         mail or electronic ballot of the entire Agricultural Faculty, in which a favorable 
vote by a majority of those voting shall be necessary for ratification.


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A.     The Constitution shall be reviewed by the Agenda and Policy Committee every 
         five years.  Any changes resulting from such review shall follow the conditions of  
         Article VI.


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