• Agribusiness Club

  • President: Lauren Peacock,

    Ag Council Representative: Emily Wyrick,

    The Purdue AgriBusiness Club works to create networking opportunities for our members with industry professionals. Our goal is to expose our members to agricultural companies that are looking for interns or full time candidates.

  • ​​Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow

    : Abigail Bender,

    Ag Council Representative: Johanna Claudy,

    The Mission of National ACT is to build relationships among agricultural communication professionals and college students and faculty, to provide professional and academic development for members and to promote agriculture through communications efforts.

  • Agronomy Club

  • President: Nick Roysdon,

    Ag Council Representative: Dakota Weshphal,

    Agronomy Club is a very active club that is open to anyone that has an interest in Agronomy. The club meets every Wednesday night at 5:45pm in Lilly room 2-425, and food is served at every meeting. At these weekly meetings, we do incorporate several educational or team-building exercises such as hosting guest speakers, having work sessions, or game nights. Agronomy Club is also active in many community service projects and events, including Spring Fest, Purdue Ag Week, and Ag Alumni Fish Fry. Members are also able to get involved with the club by attending the National and Regional meetings for SASES.

  • Alpha Mu

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Will Borcherding,

    The purpose of the Alpha Mu Honor Society shall be to promote the high ideals of the applied engineering profession, to give recognition to those in agricultural systems management who manifest worthy qualities of character, scholarship and professional attainment, and to encourage and support such improvements in the Agricultural Systems Management profession that make it an instrument of greater service to mankind.

  • ASABE Club

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Paige Weber,

    This is the Purdue chapter of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. This is the professional society for us. The club is a chance for us to build professional relationships with each other and with alumni from our field. We have many guest speakers in industry come in to speak with us and we make many field trips to places pertinent to our field. Our club is primarily made up of upperclassmen in the Machine Systems and Environmental and Natural Resources disciplines of Ag Engineering. The club is also open to the Biological Engineering majors.

  • ASM

  • President: Grant Ricke,

    Ag Council Representative: Lake Evans, evans184@purdue.ede | Jared Bedel,

    The ASM club was designed to promote the ASM major. Although the club's name is ASM this does not mean it is required that members be majoring in ASM. Throughout the year the club will take trips to various companies such as Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, CAT, Case New Holland, John Deere. It is also an ASM tradition to travel to the Louisville Farm Show every year and see the tractor pulls. The club also invites guest speakers throughout the year to come and talk about their company. Every spring the club sponsors a lawnmower revitalization to raise money for the club. The ASM club generally meets every other week, starting on the same evening as the ABE welcome back picnic, which will be in early September.

  • Biochemistry Club

  • President: Jacob Crosser,

    Ag Council Representative: Mary Witucki,

    The Biochemistry Club is an organization that promotes leadership, scholarship, and service within the community. The club typically has speakers which provide information about a diverse range of topics. Additionally, one of the legs of the club is our community outreach with local schools and organizations. Anyone with an interest is welcome to join.

  • Block and Bridle

  • President: Marissa Lorenz,

    Ag Council Representative: Miranda Lattyak,

    Block and Bridle is an animal science supported option club, however you need not be an animal science major. Throughout the year our members are involved in conventions, judging contests, community service activities, and hear from industry speakers. Any student is welcome to join and will complete an easy pledgeship and official Purdue Block and Bridle "B" Board.

  • ​Botany Club

  • President: Austin McCoy,

    Ag Council Representative: Shelby Schmitt,

  • Collegiate Cattleman's Association

  • President: Griffin Nichols,

    Ag Council Representative: Scott Stenger,

  • Collegiate Farm Bureau

  • President: Kayla Hoenert,

    Ag Council Representative: Paige Stevenson,

    Collegiate Farm Bureau is an organizaiton designed to give students an opportunity to be engaged in agriculture policy discussion and stay up-to-date on current agriculture issues. The organization takes many trips including one each year to Washing, D.C. for the Crop Report Lock-up and to the National Young Farmer and Ranchers Conference at a different location each year. We have monthly meetings and encourage members to attend to hear about what Farm Bureau is doing on a local, state and national level.

  • Collegiate FFA

  • President: McCord Snider,

    Ag Council Representative: Andrea Smith,

    Collegiate FFA provides a number of professional development opportunities, community service activities, and fun times to its members. Members have many opportunities to meet professionals across many agriculture related disciplines and meet fellow students with a passion for agriculture and FFA.

  • Dairy Club

  • President: Kendra Arnholt,

    Ag Council Representative: Tabby Steckler,

    The Purdue University Dairy Club is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the dairy industry through community service, club activities, and educational events.

    The Dairy Club is comprised of students at Purdue studying a variety of disciplines, not required, yet usually all having a general interest of dairy production, management, and dairy processing. The Dairy Club currently has about 60 members and four club advisors.

    For more information on club events, meeting the officer team, and getting involved, visit our website at

  • Environmental Science Club

  • President: Taylor Blanford,

    Ag Council Representative: Ryan Schroeder,

    The Environmental Science Club is a student organization looking to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members while fostering a positive social setting. In order to accomplish this vision, we will engage in three types of activities. The first is education based, consisting of lectures by professors on campus and discussions between members on crucial environmental concerns ranging from the community to a world scale. The second is a community-wide project, focusing on making Purdue a more environmentally friendly campus. The third type includes community service actions such as school education, Adopt-A-Highway, and other volunteering opportunities.

  • Farm Management Club

  • President: Aubrey Fleck,

    Ag Council Representative: Ethan Truax,

    Farm Management Club is a student organization in the College of Agriculture. Within this organization, we host various activities including a faculty breakfast for the Agricultural Economics Department, Corn Hole Tournament, and host speakers and field trips throughout the semester within the agriculture industry. Our club has meetings every other Tuesday in Kran 661 at 6 p.m.

  • Food Science Club

  • President: Caroline Smith,

    Ag Council Representative: Katie Liang,

    Food Science Club is an organization associated with the Institute of Food Technologists, Student Association. It is open to anyone interested in learning about food related fields and topics, such as food chemistry, microbiology, processing, packaging, and sensory. The activities vary from Spring Fest, to the science behind hot dogs and sushi, academic competitions, and even pumpkin carving. The Food Science Club also puts on an annual Spring Symposium bringing in speakers from around the world to discuss a different, prevalent topic every year. It is a great resume booster, and a great way to network with industry reps who come in looking to hire students!

  • Goat Club 

  • President: Mary Grace Erickson,

    Ag Council Representative: Josh Schonfeld,

  • Heifer International Club

  • President: Alexis Wheldon

    Ag Council Representative: Brooke Langley,

    Heifer International Purdue Chapter is a club the promotes Heifer International's mission and goals. Heifer International is a non-profit organization that helps end hunger and poverty while carrying for the earth all over the world. Heifer delivers livestock and training to families in need and after their animal reproduces, they must pass the first offspring to another family. This is called passing on the gift, and it is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Heifer International Purdue Chapter helps raise funds for Heifer International while educating the public about global hunger issues. We also do a lot of programs in our own community as well as promote trips internationally to Romania and Haiti.

  • Helping Paws Club

  • President: Katie Cox,

    Ag Council Representative: Shelby Nelson,

    Helping Paws is a Purdue University student organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals in need. We raise animal awareness in the community by volunteering with many animal related organizations in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area and a few farther away in Indiana. A few of the many places we are involved with are Columbian Park Zoo, Crystal Creek Kennels shelter, Black Pine Animal Park, and Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center.

  • Horticulture Society 

  • President: Madeleine Dubelko,

    Ag Council Representative: Sarah Axtell,

  • Indiana Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE)

  • President: Josh Calhoun,​

    Ag Council Representative: Lindsay Yeager,

    Indiana Association of Agricultural Educators at Purdue is an option club for all Purdue Ag Ed majors. Throughout the year our members participate in Career Development Events, community service activities and hear from Agricultural Business and Science Teachers as well as other industry representatives. Our organization is very active in assisting with current agricultural educators with FFA events, in preparation for when we are in the field of education and creating leaders for our future.

  • ICAF

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Jessica-Lena Bohlin,

  • Meat Science Club

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Haley Risser,

  • ​​Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

  • President: Brandon Allen,

    Ag Council Representative: Penny Wang,

    Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) is a national society that fosters the growth of students in agriculture, natural resource sciences, and related fields that may not have a high representation in industry (including women). MANRRS provides many opportunities for its members including professional and leadership development as well as the opportunity to develop a network of faculty, peers, and industry representatives nationwide. The Purdue MANRRS chapter is involved in community service, fundraising, and meets biweekly to discuss chapter activities.

  • NAMA

  • President: Sam Klemme,​

    Ag Council Representative: Abbie McClelland,

  • Poultry Club

  • President: Shania Ray,​

    Ag Council Representative: Tanner Wise,

  • ​​Pre-Vet Club

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Gayatri Mazgaonkar,

    The Purdue Pre-veterinary Medical Association is an organization that is solely dedicated to all students, no matter their major, who are interested in the field of Veterinary Medicine. PPVMA is closely involved with the Veterinary Teaching Hospital which aids in furthering student's education in current practices of Veterinary Medicine. PPVMA is also involved with outside philanthropies, such as the Humane Society, Natalie’s Second Chance Shelter and many others, which give student members the chance to help improve local animal life while gaining necessary small and large animal experience. PPVMA is a place for students to meet new people with common interests and to have fun while building a strong background and understanding for their future in the Veterinary world.

  • Purdue Avian Science Club 

  • President

    Ag Council Representative

  • Purdue Collegiate 4-H

  • President: Cassie Lehmann,

    Ag Council Representative: Molly Towns,

    Purdue Collegiate 4-H is a student-led organization that serves the local community, promotes leadership development, and assists the Indiana 4-H Youth Development program.

    We also give students the opportunity to socialize with people of similar interests. We are the 4-H members you grew up with. It is all of the fun of traditional 4-H without the projects

  • Purdue Diesel Club

  • President: Andrew Bernzott,

    Ag Council Representative: Tanner Wilburn, | Thomas Putt,

    A social club based around people who have an interest in diesel power, whether it be performance, Ag, on-road, etc.

  • ​​Purdue Ducks Unlimited

  • President: Brendan Christ,

    Ag Council Representative

    Purdue Ducks Unlimited is a recognized chapter of Ducks Unlimited Inc. and a recognized student organization at Purdue University. Our primary focus is to raise money for Ducks Unlimited to conserve North American wetlands and waterfowl. Aside from our fund raising objectives, we also strive to increase community awareness of the importance of wetlands in North America. We have hosted booths at the Purdue Spring Fest, guided youth waterfowl hunts, and assisted with greenwing events across the state.

  • Purdue English Equestrian Team

  • President: Sophia Paul,

    Ag Council Representative: Andrea Stout,

    The main purpose of PET is to expose interested Purdue students to horses and to the sport of riding, regardless of experience. Students are able to take hunt seat riding lessons through the University, to learn to ride or take part in preparation for intercollegiate horse shows. Although showing is a large part of this club, it is not required to be a part of the club. Many students ride for fun and to interact with horses, which, in itself, is the best part of the sport!

    Members of the club are highly involved, whether it be through lessoning, showing, attending social events, or attending monthly meetings. Meetings include club updates as well as fun activities and guest speakers.

    Please visit our website at

  • Purdue iGEM Team

  • President: Hana Kubo,

    Ag Council Representative: James Welch,

  • Purdue Student Farm Organization

  • President

    Ag Council Representative: Chelsea Maupin,

  • Purdue Western Equestrian Team

  • President: Brooke Beale,​

    Ag Council Representative: Genna Wethington,

  • ​​Purdue Wildlife Society

  • President: Rebekah Lumkes,

    Ag Council Representative: Landon Neumann,

    The Purdue Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society is one of many student chapters throughout the nation which plays a major role in creating the next generation of wildlife professionals. The Purdue Chapter's main focus is to expand on the education received by our members in the classrooms of Purdue University. We accomplish this goal by offering various activities and workshops for our members throughout the academic year. We strive to involve undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff to meet our goal of furthering the education of our members.

  • Purdue Zoological Society

  • President: Paige Weldy,

    Ag Council Representative

    The mission of our club is to provide students with an interest in the exotic animal industry an opportunity to explore the career options pertaining to zoo,wildlife, and exotic animals. The continued existence of zoological parks, refuges, and aquariums, depends upon the education of the public as well as respect and appreciation for animals. Our goal is spread our love and fascination for the amazing species of our world. From all walks of life from the tadpole to the whale. Whats the requirements you might ask?---- If you love animals, your in! Come join us and help to make our world better for all things living in it.

  • Rodeo Club

  • President: Morgan Zink,

    Ag Council Representative: Sarah Clark-Carson,

    The Purdue Rodeo Association is a club for anyone interested in rodeo. Members don’t need experience in rodeo, just a desire to learn. We do fundraising events throughout the year and take part in community service opportunities.

  • QDMA

  • President: Andrew Bolinger,

    Ag Council Representative: Mariah Mobley,

  • ​​​​Soil and Water Conservation

  • President: Sarah Letsinger,

    Ag Council Representative: Rachel Lloyd,