A​pply to Become an Ag Ambassador

Purdue Ag Ambassadors are the College of Agriculture's lead prospective student recruiters.

Purdue Ag Ambassadors are the lead prospective student recruiters in the College of Agriculture.  They're outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. They like travel and value new experiences and like to develop their personal leadership skills.

It's more demanding to be an Ag Ambassador than to participate in other student activities, but the rewards are greater. Ag Ambassadors have hosted visiting dignitaries, such as Senator Richard Lugar and the Purdue astronaut alumni. They've traveled the state telling high school students and civic organizations about their enthusiasm for agriculture and Purdue. The Ag Ambassadors work closely with faculty and business leaders who have helped them succeed in their classes and their careers.

It's an honor to be a Purdue Ag Ambassador. More than 50 students apply for six to ten openings each spring. The first step is to fill out the application.