Find Your Internship or Permanent Position at the College of Agriculture Career Fair!


 February 12, 2014
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Purdue Memorial Union, South Ballroom

Welcome Students - mark your calendars and plan to attend!
The fair is open to all students at Purdue.

The Student Career Fair Book is now available on online.
(There will be limited copies of this information at the career fair on the 12th. 
We encourage you to print this information and bring it with you to the fair.)

To view on CCO a list of currently registered companies click here.

The College of Agriculture is hosting a Spring Career Fair.  Approximately 50 companies will be attending providing recruiters the opportunity to educate students about their organizations, advertise positions and/or interview students for internships and permanent positions.

The Career Fair is not just for graduating students, it is for freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are exploring career paths or internship opportunities.  The Career Fair is a great way to explore careers, pick-up company information and network with future employers and ask questions.  The only person which can get you a job or an internship is you - so attend the Career Fair on February 12th!


Making the Most Out of the Career Fair



Have your resume critiqued in preparation for the Spring Career Fair. Industry recruiters will be on hand to critique resumes by attending the Resume Blitz in Lilly Hall Lobby on February 11th, between 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

CLARIFY YOUR GOALS!   What do you want from the Career Fair?

  • To network with professionals?
  • To learn more about specific employers?
  • To research the demand for someone in your field?
  • To make contact with a particular organization?
  • Do you want to line up an on-campus interview?
  • Do you want to land an internship or full-time job?


  • Wiki
  • Check the list of currently registered employers (will be available after January 6, 2014) and target companies of your interest. Research organizations ahead of time.
  • Review an organization's information on their website (A link to the organization's website is provided in the above attending employer list.)
  • Create a list and prioritize the organizations you are most interested in and visit their booths first.
  • Prepare questions to ask that will help you obtain the information you need, in addition to showing your knowledge of the field and interest in the industry.

PREPARATION - (Prepare your commercial - learn to sell yourself in a short amount of time.

  • Decide how you will introduce yourself in 30 seconds.
  • Greet the recruiter with a firm handshake stating your name, major, graduation date and why you are attending the Career Fair.
  • Present your resume – bring copies of your resume detailing your education, experience, skills and campus/community activities concisely. Employers recommend visiting with a CCO staff member at their office or attending the Resume Blitz to have your resume critiqued.
  • Be prepared to briefly describe your background and what you are looking for.
  • Be prepared to relate your education/experience/skills to the employer's needs.
  • Rehearse your commercial with a friend or advisor.

Dress for Success (make a positive impression)

  • Business Etiquette
  • Think conservative.
  • Wear few/minimal accessories and perfume/cologne.
  • For women: a suit - skirt with blazer; a conservative business dress or pant suit.
  • For men: a suit or a button down shirt with tie, sport coat, nice slacks, shined shoes.

Last Minute Tips

  • Show up early! Some employers pack up and leave the fair early.
  • Allow yourself a minimum of 1 hour to attend the fair and speak with recruiters. Lines may be long to speak with some recruiters, so be prepared to wait.
  • If you don't have 1 hour, any time is better than none.

THE MAIN EVENT!   'Act Professionally and Courteously'

  • Be confident, enthusiastic and polite (remember courtesy and professionalism are expected and appreciated).
  • Ask questions as needed. Base the questions on your research of the organization.
  • Listen and pay attention to what the recruiter is saying. This information may benefit you greatly if you receive an interview – ask good questions.
  • Do not monopolize an employer's time, know when to move on if there is a line of students waiting.
  • Cover letters are not necessary when you give out your resume in person.  Be prepared to give a list of references or a copy of your transcript.
  • Collect business cards and ask who the contact person is.
  • Make notes about what you talked about with each representative; use this information in follow-up letters.
  • Send thank-you letters to employers within one week after your visit or interview.


  • Portfolio or large capacity folder to carry your resumes, pens, notepads, etc.
  • 30-40+ copies of your resume on professional resume paper (preferably white or ivory).
  • A notepad and pen for taking notes after meeting with each recruiter.
  • Business Cards – It may be helpful to print business cards to present to employers. PMU Boiler CopyMaker can print business cards. Contact them for details on how they can help.
  • Prepare or order a professional name badge.  Name badges can be ordered through the Agribusiness Club. If interested contact Any Oppy at

Questions may be directed to Sherre Meyer at