College of Agriculture Career Fairs

The College of Agriculture hosts a career fair every fall and spring semester. Over 150 companies attend the fall career fair, providing students and alumni with the opportunity to learn about their organizations, submit resumes and interview for permanent or internship positions. The Career Fair is not just for graduating seniors, it is also for first year students, sophomores and juniors who are exploring career paths or internship opportunities.  The Career Fair is a great way to explore careers, pick-up company information, ask questions, and network with future employers.
In the FALL, the day before the Career Fair, mark your calendars to attend the Resume Blitz held in AGAD 121, the Student Commons from 11 am to 3 pm.  Company representatives will be on hand to critique your resume.  The evening prior to the Fall Career Fair, we host an Employer Panel Discussion. This is an open dialogue with 8 company representatives. They disclose important information about attending the Career Fair and make you more marketable.  A networking session follows the panel.


 College of Agriculture Career Fairs

  • College of Agriculture Fall Resume Blitz, Monday, October 3, 2016, 11:00 am to 3:00 PM, AGAD Student Commons.
  • College of Agriculture Fall Employer Panel, Monday, October 3, 2016, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, PFEN 241, Dean's Auditorium.
  • College of Agriculture Fall Career Fair - Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Cordova Recreational Sports Center.
  • College of Agriculture Spring Career Fair - Wednesday, February 8, 2017, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Cordova Recreational Sports Center.


ALLIE ABNEY, SENIOR, majoring in Agricultural Economics with a concentration in Agribusiness Management, from Bargersville, IN:  Last fall, I attended the College of Ag Career Fair with the intent of securing a second internship within the Animal Agribusiness sector. Over the summer of 2015, I worked for Monsanto as a field sales intern based in West Lafayette. I loved my summer interning with Monsanto and learned so much, but wanted to diversify my knowledge base and experiences. Last fall at the career fair, I spoke with many companies and enjoyed learning more about the numerous opportunities available. This past summer, I was so lucky to intern with Cargill Animal Nutrition as a Management Associate intern within their Pricing and Formation team in Kansas City, Kansas. Although I attended the COA Career Fair last fall with plans to secure an internship, I left with a better understanding of what I was truly looking for, a handful of interviews, and many new connections! Those connections that were made allowed me to reconnect with recruiters at the AFA Conference, in Kansas City, and helped me find the perfect internship for the experience I was seeking. From my past two experiences attending the Career Fair and looking for summer internships, I've learned it is important to understand what kind of experience you're seeking, be patient, and follow-up.
SARAH LETSINGER, SENIOR, majoring in Agronomy with a concentration in Crop and Soil Management, from Tipton, IN:  In order to prepare for the career fair, I looked through the list of employers that would be there found on the Purdue College of Ag website. I took note of who I was interested in visiting then researched more about the companies. Co-Alliance was one of the companies that I had on my list. I was interested in being an agronomy intern for them, but they contacted me after talking with them at the career fair and notified me that there would not be an agronomy internship available in my area. Instead there would be an agriculture technology internship. I interviewed with two of the Ag tech employees and accepted the job offer. I worked in Tipton, Indiana where I grew up. Throughout the summer I reviewed the field scouting reports for accuracy, made two weekly newsletters updating both the scouts and the Co-Alliance branches on what weeds, insects, and diseases were being found that week. I also took soil samples with another employee weekly at the nitrogen plot. I then would compile the soil results data into an Excel spreadsheet. Later in the season I worked with the mapping program in order to create yield check points for the scouts, then created yield estimate maps from the yield checks that was then sent to the farmers. Throughout the summer I also learned more about the weather stations that Co-Alliance uses and helped to maintain the corn and soybean plots with scouting trips, field signs, and cutting volunteer corn. I enjoyed my internship a lot, and the people I got to work with were great. I was able to learn more about the diverse field of technology while polishing my agronomy skills. I would highly recommend visiting Co-Alliance at the career fair this fall!
AARON DUNAJESKI, MAY 2016 GRADUATE, MAJOR IN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS with a concentration in Applied Agricultural Economics, and a minor in Crop Science, from Dyer, IN, EMPLOYED at SYNGENTA: I would be glad to share my story with current Purdue students. I will be in town to help with the Syngenta booth at the career fair this year, so I may see you there!
How I Joined Syngenta:
I originally interned with Syngenta in West Lafayette during the summer of 2015. It really went exactly as one would expect during the career fair. I went to the booth to talk to the Syngenta representatives and discussed my interests and past experiences. We went through my resume and talked about places that I had worked in the past and the clubs & organizations that I was involved with on campus. From there, I went through two rounds of interviews to gain my position as an intern. I had a great experience with the Indiana team and wanted to continue with Syngenta after graduation.
After my internship in '15, I was invited to interview for a Developmental Sales Representative role with the company. This is a 6 month professional development program for young salespeople to gain skills and product knowledge under the guidance of a mentor. I went through a two part interview and was selected to take part in the program.
My Current Role:
I am currently a Developmental Sales Representative with Syngenta. I am located in Baraboo, Wisconsin and help to support the Crop Protection and NK Sales Teams within the state. My main areas of focus are with our Enogen corn offering and Crop Protection products. I assist with our GrowMore field days and work with customers to gather data from our product trials. Additionally, I assist with sales calls and create my own schedule. Along with my day-to-day sales activities, I also have attended several different agronomic & sales training events across the country with Syngenta. After my 6-month DSR period is completed, I will be placed in my own sales territory. I have had an excellent experience with Syngenta so far and it is thanks to the Purdue Ag. Career Fair.


   Purdue Career Fairs

Purdue Career Fairs
Various organizations at Purdue University host more than 20 career fairs every academic year. The variety of fairs provides employers with a great opportunity to target students with specific skills and academic backgrounds. The Center for Career opportunities posts the most recent career fair dates and contact information. To view upcoming career fairs please click here.





College of Agriculture Fall 2016 Career Fair
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Welcome Students - mark your calendars and plan to attend!
The fair is open to all students and alumns at Purdue and Ivy Tech.
This booklet will not be printed. 
Please print out the map and any other details
you want to know
before attending the Career Fair. 
Click the above link to RSVP to the Career Fair and select ten companies to review your resume.  Remember to upload your resume in   for the companies to view.
                                 CHECKLIST FOR CAREER FAIR!!!


The College of Agriculture is hosting a Fall Career Fair.  Over 100 companies will be attending and providing recruiters the opportunity to educate students about their organizations, advertise positions and/or interview students for internships and permanent positions.

Making the Most Out of the Career Fair

CLARIFY YOUR GOALS!   What do you want from the Career Fair?
  • To network with professionals?
  • To learn more about specific employers?
  • To research the demand for someone in your field?
  • To make contact with a particular organization?
  • Do you want to line up an on-campus interview?
  • Do you want to land an internship or full-time job?
  • Wiki
  • Check the list of currently registered employers and target companies of your interest. Research organizations ahead of time.
  • Review an organization's information on their website (A link to the organization's website is provided in the above attending employer list.)
  • Create a list and prioritize the organizations you are most interested in and visit their booths first.
  • Prepare questions to ask that will help you obtain the information you need, in addition to showing your knowledge of the field and interest in the industry.
PREPARATION - (Prepare your commercial - learn to sell yourself in a short amount of time.
  • Decide how you will introduce yourself in 30 seconds.
  • Greet the recruiter with a firm handshake stating your name, major, graduation date and why you are attending the Career Fair.
  • Present your resume – bring copies of your resume detailing your education, experience, skills and campus/community activities concisely. Employers recommend visiting with a CCO staff member at their office to have your resume critiqued.
  • Be prepared to briefly describe your background and what you are looking for.
  • Be prepared to relate your education/experience/skills to the employer's needs.
  • Rehearse your commercial with a friend or advisor.
Dress for Success (make a positive impression)
  • Business Etiquette
  • Think conservative.
  • Wear few/minimal accessories and perfume/cologne.
  • For women: a suit - skirt with blazer; a conservative business dress or pant suit.
  • For men: a suit or a button down shirt with tie, sport coat, nice slacks, shined shoes.
  • **Please note - wear clothes that fit you - not too tight or too big!!!
Last Minute Tips
  • Show up early! Some employers pack up and leave the fair early.
  • Allow yourself a minimum of 1 hour to attend the fair and speak with recruiters. Lines may be long to speak with some recruiters, so be prepared to wait.
  • If you don't have 1 hour, any time is better than none.
THE MAIN EVENT!   'Act Professionally and Courteously'
  • Be confident, enthusiastic and polite (remember courtesy and professionalism are expected and appreciated).
  • Ask questions as needed. Base the questions on your research of the organization.
  • Listen and pay attention to what the recruiter is saying. This information may benefit you greatly if you receive an interview – ask good questions.
  • Do not monopolize an employer's time, know when to move on if there is a line of students waiting.
  • Cover letters are not necessary when you give out your resume in person.  Be prepared to give a list of references or a copy of your transcript.
  • Collect business cards and ask who the contact person is.
  • Make notes about what you talked about with each representative; use this information in follow-up letters.
  • Send thank-you letters to employers within one week after your visit or interview.
  • Portfolio or large capacity folder to carry your resumes, pens, notepads, etc.
  • 30-40+ copies of your resume on professional resume paper (preferably white or ivory).
  • A notepad and pen for taking notes after meeting with each recruiter.
  • Business Cards – It may be helpful to print business cards to present to employers. PMU Boiler CopyMaker can print business cards. Contact them for details on how they can help.
  • Prepare or order a professional name badge.  Name badges can be ordered through the Agribusiness Club. If interested contact Andy Oppy at
Questions may be directed to Sherre Meyer at
The Career Fair is not just for graduating students, it is for freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are exploring career paths or internship opportunities.  The Career Fair is a great way to explore careers, pick-up company information and network with future employers and ask questions.  The only person who can get you a job or an internship is you.  Attend the Career Fair on October 4, 2016.