Phone Interviewing


Some employers use phone interviews to pre-screen a candidate before offering an in-person interview. Travel budgets have been reduced for several companies during this economic downturn. As a result, companies are using phone interviews at an increasing rate. Several out of state companies are utilizing phone interviews as a first formal interview.

Here are some tips for your next phone interview.

  • Conduct a phone interview in a private, uninterruptable and quite environment.
  • Employers often prefer to call candidates but some employers may ask a candidate to call, confirm contact information.
  • Have a copy of your resume, position description, company research, paper and pen to take notes and your list of questions that you want to ask at your finger tips.
  • A land line is preferred because cell phones can have connection problems.
  • Turn off your cell phone (if you are not using it for the interview).
  • Don’t be on Facebook or IM while interviewing.
  • Practice how you speak on the phone – speak clearly and slowly.
  • Your tone of voice carries a lot of weight during a telephone conversation.
  • Smiling while you speak on the phone can make you sound more pleasant.
  • Learn how to project verbally (stand when on the phone).  This common technique allows your voice to project and sound more confident.