Telephone Etiquette


The telephone "cell phone" is a vital source of communication.  When applying for an internship or permanent position, the way you conduct yourself on the phone may be a key factor in a future employer's decision to hire you.  Employers view a person's ability to communicate effectively over the phone a direct reflection of their ability to conduct business for their organization.

  • When you make a call, identify yourself ("Hello.  My name is Sue Smith"), and tell them the basic nature of your call ("I am an applicant for the seed sales position available with your organization"). 
  • Be prepared to leave a message on a voicemail or with a receptionist or secretary.  Speak slowly and clearly, spell out your name and repeat your phone number.
  • Answer and return phone calls from employers promptly.
  • Your voice mail or answering machine should have a personal and professional message.  It should not have any music, slag or inappropriate language.
  • Don't put an employer on hold to take another call
  • Speak to employers in a quiet environment free from distractions, interruptions and background noise.
  • During an interview, shut your phone off.