College of Agriculture Career Fairs

career fairsThe College of Agriculture hosts a career fair every fall and spring semester. Over 100 companies attend, providing recruiters with the opportunity to educate students about their organizations, advertise positions and/or interview students for permanent or internship positions. During the fall, a Resume Blitz is held the day before the fair.  The evening prior to the Fall Career Fair, we host an Employer Panel Discussion. This is an open dialogue with 100 students, lasting 60 minutes, followed by a networking session.  If your company is interested in participating in either pre-fair event, please indictated your preference on the registration form.

  • College of Agriculture Fall 2015 Career Fair - Tuesday, October 6, 2015
  • College of Agriculture Spring 2016 Career Fair - Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  • Purdue Career Fairs

Various organizations at Purdue University host more than 20 career fairs every academic year. The variety of fairs provides employers with a great opportunity to target students with specific skills and academic backgrounds. The Center for Career Opportunities posts the most recent career fair dates and contact information. To view upcoming career fairs please click here.

Purdue University
College of Agriculture
Fall 2015 Career Fair
Click above link for Company placement at the 2015 Fall Career Fair!
Meet and connect with Purdue Agriculture students!
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Registration is now closed for the Purdue AG Fall 2015 Career Fair.
Any questions or concerns, please contact
Agriculture Career Services Office or 765-494-8482.

Registration Fees
Below are the registration packages and fees which you will mark on your registration form.  Please be aware your registration application will not be accepted or confirmed until your registration fee has been paid.  We recommend paying online with credit card for faster processing. 
·        Premier Plus Large Company (more than 50 employees) - $600.00
Ø  Three tables
Ø  Maximum of nine (9) company representatives
Ø  Nine (9) lunches
Ø  Three (3) parking permits
      Premier Large Company (more than 50 employees) - $400.00
Ø  Two tables
Ø  Maximum of nine (6) company representatives
Ø  Six(6) lunches
Ø  Two (2) parking permits
      Large Company (more than 50 employees) - $200.00
Ø  One table
Ø  Maximum of three (3) company representatives
Ø  Three (3) lunches
Ø  One (1) parking permit
       Premier Small Company (less than 50 employees) - $200.00
Ø  Two tables
Ø  Maximum of six (6) company representatives
Ø  Six (6) lunches
Ø  Two (2) parking permits
      Small Company (less than 50 employees) - $100.00
Ø  One table
Ø  Maximum of three (3) company representatives
Ø  Three (3) lunches
Ø  One (1) parking permit
·         Non-profit Organizations - $25.00
Ø  One table
Ø  Maximum of three (3) company representatives
Ø  Three (3) lunches
Ø  One (1) parking permit
·         Purdue Organizations - No Fee
Ø  One table
Ø  Maximum of three (3) company representatives
Ø  Three (3) lunches
Ø  No parking permit
Ø  Located in the informational area
(The proceeds from the Career Fair provide student scholarships 
 and funds for organizations in the College of Agriculture.)
CAREER FAIR DAY – October 6, 2015
8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. (set-up)
Exhibitors set up in the Purdue Memorial Union Ballrooms or East/West Lounge exhibit area.
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Exhibitors meet with students and faculty
in the exhibit areas.
Exhibitors will be provided a lunch in the Purdue Faculty Lounge on the second flor of the Purdue Memorial Union.
The exhibit area will remain open during lunch. 
You will be given an “Out to Lunch” sign.  Please use this sign and take a break for lunch.  If you have more than one representative, you may want to rotate your representatives during this time.
 Monday, October 5, 2015

Student Resume Critique -
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Serve as an industry reviewer for student resumes.
AGAD Heinold Student Commons
Employer Panel and Networking
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Pfendler Hall, Dean's Auditorium


·         Registration opens on Monday, August 3, 2015.  Registration closes on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. 
·         Payment is due upon submission of your registration form. Registrations will not be approved nor table assignments made until payment has been received.  We recommend paying online with credit card for quicker processing.
·         One registration is required per company not per representatives attending for your company.
NOTE:  Space is limited to 108 booths in the ballrooms.  If you are wanting to be placed in the ballrooms, we suggest early registration. Once the ballrooms have filled, additional companies will be placed in Exhibit Lounge area just outside the South Ballroom entrance and room 118 next to the lounges. We strongly encourage companies that want to be placed together to register at the same time to be guaranteed this placement will be possible.

·         Table assignments are made according to the date of your registration and after the registration fee payment has been paid.  It is first come, first served.
·         For the Fall Fair there is a maximum of three (3) table per company allowed with maximum three (3) representatives per table. 
·         Table space is limited to 108 booths in the ballrooms.  If you are wanting to be placed in the ballrooms, we suggest early registration.  The maximum space for our fairs is 154 tables.
·          Fee Refund Policy - A full refund will be given if cancellation is made by September 22, 2015. Cancellations after the 22nd are non-refundable per your agreement marked on your registration form.
·         Table space is limited and there are usually organizations waiting to attend.  Please email the Agriculture Career Services Office at  by September 22nd if you need to cancel your registration.  We appreciate your consideration.
·         One 6' x 30" skirted tables and two chairs per table.  Displays MUST fit within these dimensions to avoid overcrowding.  A maximum of three (3) company representatives per table. 
·         Name Badges will be in your packet that will be located on your table.
·         Lunch - A maximum of three per table. 
·         One (1) complimentary parking pass will be given per company per table.  This will be in the packet at your table. No extra parking pass will be provided.
·         Electricity (if requested on registration form).
·         Wireless Internet Connection - Companies must provide all their own hardware (computers, wireless network cards). In your packet on your table, you will be provided with directions and passwords to login to the campus wireless network.
·         Audio Equipment - To request audio equipment contact Erica Wilson at 765-494-7221 or by September 22, 2015.
·         Parking will be in the Grant Street parking garage - campus map.
·         One (1) complimentary parking permit will be given per company per table.  This permit will be in the packet at your assigned table.  No additional permits will be available.
·         If you have multiple representatives attending, they should park in the Grant Street parking garage, but will be required to pay upon exiting the garage. The cost is $10.00 for the day.
·         NOTE:  Prior to parking, you may drop off your display or materials at east door of the Purdue Memorial Union Building.  Students will be waiting to assist you.
·         All displays or materials being sent in advance MUST be received by noon, Monday, October 5, 2015, in order for them to be transported to the event location on Tuesday morning and placed at your assigned table.
·         Send all items marked HOLD FOR AGRICULTURE CAREER FAIR and indicate how many pieces (i.e. 1/2; 2/2).
·         Items should be shipped to Erica Wilson at Conferences, 128 Memorial Mall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Do not ship items to the Agriculture Career Services Office in AGAD.  
·         If you are bringing displays or materials with you, you may drop the items off prior to parking at the east door of the Purdue Memorial Union Building. Students will be waiting to assist you.
·         Please be sure you bring with you a tracking or confirmation number from the carrier that is responsible for shipping your display items to the fair should you need to locate them.
·         Your organization is responsible for preparing the labels and securing them on your display items that you plan to ship after the fair. Once all items are labeled, leave them at your booth and we will handle getting them to the proper location for pick up.
·         Scheduling on-campus interviews - You can reserve interview space for the day after the career fair on your registration form.  You will be given a blank interview sheet to use at the fair to schedule students you have an interest in.
·         To schedule an interview date outside of the career fair next day, please email the Agriculture Career Services Office at to reserve your date and room.
·         Posting employment opportunities on the Agriculture Career Services website.  Go to our website for more details.
·         Sharing information with our departmental career service coordinators
General or Registration Questions can be directed to:
Sherre Meyer, Assistant Director of the Office of Academic Programs
Career Services Coordinator
Agriculture Career Services Office
College of Agriculture
615 State Street
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2053
Phone: 765-494-8482   Fax: 765-494-8477
Questions regarding AV Equipment, Wireless Internet Connection, Payment, Shipping Displays/Materials should be directed to:
Erica Wilson
128 Memorial Mall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN  47907
Phone:  765-494-7221
Fax:  765-494-0567