Business Casual


What is considered business casual? It indicates a style of dress that’s tailored, neat and crisp enough for business meetings, but casual and relaxed.  It’s clothing that’s comfortable and easy, but sill means business.

What’s Appropriate?

For women: A reasonable length skirt (just above or below the knee), pants of a non-jeans material combined with a sleeved top (dress shirt, polo or sweater).  An informal dress (not party or cocktail) with sleeves and appropriate skirt length is also acceptable.

For men: A combination of a collared shirt (dress shirt or polo), trousers (khakis), and shoes (loafers) with socks.

What’s not

Jeans, mini-skirts, tight, revealing, worn, dirty or ragged garments, worn out sneakers and flip-flops.

 Video: Dress for Success