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COVID-19 may present challenges for holding in-person gatherings, but CATE is here to be part of the solution for Fall 2020. Agriculture departmental events and Ag student organizations will still be able to host many events this semester - CATE is providing an outdoor tent meeting space to accommodate social distancing practices. Currently, this tent space will be available from August 26 - September 16 for events of up to 50 people.


Additionally, academic departments may apply for CATE funding to support their events, whether or not you utilize the tent for your function. This page provides all the information you will need in order to hold your event(s) this fall.


Click through the boxes below to find the links and procedural information you will need to access these new resources made available through CATE endowments. Visit the CATE Tent Google Calendar to view upcoming events (red events are pending approval; green events are approved; denied events will be deleted from the calendar altogether).

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