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Congratulations on being a part of the Dean’s Scholars Program!  Dean's Scholars students take honors coursework, complete an undergraduate honors thesis or scholarly project, present their projects in a public forum and participate in exclusive Dean’s Scholars events with distinguished faculty and staff from the College.

Here’s what you need to know:

To complete the Dean's Scholars program, students will work with the following individuals to determine their plans of study and timeline to fulfill all requirements.  Academic Advisors assist students in enrolling and completing the required 12 credit hours of honors coursework.  Faculty research or project mentors assist students with their honors undergraduate research or scholarly projects.  And, the Program Advisor tracks students' participation and personal reflections from attending at least 8 Dean's Scholars events over the course of their undergraduate career and ensures the public presentation of their research or scholarly project for the College.  Upon completion of all aspects of the program, the Program Advisor and Ag Honors Faculty Committee perform audits to ensure students have met all requirements to receive Honors Distinction on their academic transcripts.

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