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Dean’s Scholars Learning Communities

All first-year new students admitted into the Dean's Scholars program are enrolled in the that is associated with the Dean's Scholars Seminar course.  In the Ag Dean's Scholars Learning Community, students:

  • Engage with Purdue Agriculture faculty and staff in dinner conversations
  • Gain new perspectives and ideas through on- and off-campus trips
  • Connect with upper-class Dean's Scholars and learn from their experiences

There are three housing options for Dean's Scholars students:

  1. Data Mine Living Learning Community - Hillenbrand Hall (strongly encouraged if not in Honors College)
  2. Honors College Residences (if also enrolled in the Honors College)
  3. Other University or local housing accommodations

Students are encouraged to participate in Purdue University’s Data Mine Living Learning Community. Hands-on and multidisciplinary, the Data Mine puts you at the leading edge of data analysis, visualization and management in agriculture. In the Data Mine, you will:

  • Learn the latest computational tools
  • Collaborate on projects using Purdue’s world-class computational resources
  • Work with data in GIS technology, remote sensing, precision ag, genomics and more

The Data Mine is one of many ways in which becoming a Dean’s Scholar gives you necessary skills, courses and networking to enjoy success in Purdue Agriculture and beyond.

Jay Heinold

“I learned that college is a full immersive part of your life. If you want to make college worth it, you have to be willing to engage and try things that you wouldn’t normally. Dean’s Scholars Seminar and Learning Community really showed me that was true.”

Jay Heinold, Sophomore in Animal Sciences


Grace Johnson

"Aside from the coursework, I also enjoyed attending learning community events such as dinners at Windsor, a private viewing of First Man, and eating holiday dinner at Dean Fernandez’s house. Throughout the semester, I bonded with members of my small group and was able to connect with others during learning community events.”

Grace Johnson, Sophomore in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences


Clayton Hicks

“The learning community aspect of the Dean’s Scholars program was beneficial. It was fun to get connected to another group on campus and have friends in different aspects and places.”

Clayton Hicks, Sophomore in Biochemistry