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Communicate with Confidence on Critical Issues

Let’s be honest. Most of us look at any topic through our own lens of experiences, background, and spheres of influence.  But wouldn’t we be better off by learning to see things from a different vantage point?  Wouldn’t that help us grow, respond, and maybe even change our perspective?  This program will help you understand critical and controversial topics and create positive, productive discussion about them using:

  • Sound decision-making
  • Constructive dialogue
  • Personal and social responsibility

Issues 360 offers you a yearlong- full-circle view of public engagement.  You’ll gain confidence and compassion to discuss critical issues in ways that simultaneously influence and respect others – essential skills for a trusted future face of agriculture.


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Class Fellows


“I feel I have developed a more in-depth, active listening skill. The important thing I’ve learned, that I have used every day, is that it is okay to pause in conversation – to just sit and digest what has been said before responding. I also love how open everyone is and how everyone is eager to share and participate in the program.”

Cassidy Robinson, Forestry & Natural Resources