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Entrepreneurship Panel

Learn to be successful from real-life entrepreneurs.  Beginning in 2012, the College of Agriculture hosts an annual panel discussion for students to learn about strategies to expand their future opportunities from innovative alumni and friends to Purdue Agriculture.  Attend the event to learn how to think outside the box, how to plan your own destiny, and how to accomplish your business dreams.  The Mission Statement for this event is to present the mindset and thought processes of creating, developing, owning and operating private businesses.

In 2015, Purdue Agriculture dedicated the event to honor Johann R. Garwood as a tribute for his passion for educating our students.  Joe Garwood earned his Bachelor's degree from Purdue in 1978 before he started his 21-year career with DuPont's Agricultural Products Division where he received the highest marketing award: the Corporate Marketing Excellence Recognition.  But, it was his entrepreneurial spirit that led him to the private sector where he was involved in several business ventures and ending his career as the LCC Manager, Vice President and Director of Corporate Operations at Fulcrum Exploration, LLC.  While being honored in 2014 as one of Purdue's Distinguished Agriculture Alumni, Garwood shared "I'm very passionate about sharing the virtues of entrepreneurism with our students."

Fall 2021 Entrepreneurship Panel

November 10, 2021

10:30 am

PFEN 241