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LDCP Coaches

Coach Expectations

Coaches are College of Agriculture faculty or administrative/professionals who have completed the Coach’s Training Workshop. They are not the student’s academic advisor, rather another individual who will support, encourage, and guide students in their leadership development journey. The Leadership Development Certificate office in the Office of Academic Programs will assign students to coaches. During any one semester, a coach may have one to three students.

Expectations of Coaches

  • Completed the Coaches Training Workshop that is offered each semester.
  • Meet with the student at least two times per semester. While it is ideal that the student contacts you, do not hesitate to reach out to the student if you do not hear from him/her shortly after the match is made.
  • Ensure that the student has developed a timeline that will guarantee completion of the certificate requirements by the student’s expected graduation from the university.
  • Promote the importance of beginning the Personal Development Plan (PDP) during the first weeks of the program and making progress regularly throughout the program. Ensure that the student updates his/her PDP regularly.
  • Ensure that the student is writing reflections on Passport for each leadership experience shortly after the event takes place. Review the student’s submissions and approve (or send back with feedback for improvement) throughout the certificate process. The reflections need to be sufficient in depth and quality to meet the coach’s standard of what is necessary to demonstrate the student’s growth and development in leadership.
  • Provide feedback on the student’s progress regarding:
    • Completion status of requirements​
    • Development of leadership skills through quality experiences using the badge system
    • Reflections and submissions of supporting docuementation of leadership-related experiences on Passport
  • Suggest ways for student to improve and come prepared to meetings, including:
    • Methods, in addition to courses and workshops, to assist in developing the four domains of leadership skills and competencies​
    • Application of the leadership skills and attributes in different settings
    • Revising the PDP and reflections to ensure quality work
    • Coming prepared to discuss with an outline, progress, ideas, questions, experiences, or difficulties
  • Ensure that the student does more than just check off requirements. Challenge the student to engage in activities and expand his/her thinking. Help the student demonstrate growth and change behaviors.
  • Review the student’s status and requirements prior to meetings.
  • Conduct a mid-program review at least a semester before completion of the Leadership Development Certificate Program.
  • Expect to spend approximately four hours per semester per student you are coaching:
    • Two hours per semester in meetings​.
    • Two hours per semester engaging in such activities as responding to e-mails, preparing for student meetings, and assessing the student's progress in Passport​.
  • Communicate with the Leadership Development Certificate staff if questions come up or if the status of the relationship with your student has changed.
  • Provide feedback to the Leadership Development Certificate staff on ways to improve the program​.