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Student Expectations

Expectations of the Student

The following is an overview of the various requirements for the Leadership Development Certificate Program. The specifics of each requirement are addressed more fully in the following sections of this website.
  • Submit a Statement of Intent Form with a Résumé:  This is the first step in being admitted into the Leadership Development Certificate Program.
  • Coach Assignment: Students are assigned a leadership coach.  Leadership coaches are faculty and administrative professional staff members from the College of Agriculture who have attended LDCP training.
  • Complete a Leadership Skills and Attributes Self-Assessment​:  All participating students will complete a self-assessment.
  • Complete a Personal Development Plan​: Following completion of a self-assessment, you will complete a Personal Development Plan.   This will include establishing self-improvement goals in at least four of the thirteen leadership skills and attributes.   Personal growth is expected in all four areas of leadership development and is to be reflected in the portfolio.
  • Participate in a minimum of 20 points worth of leadership development activities, events, and experiences required to achieve all four leadership badges.  See the Point Chart for more information.
  • Develop a Portfolio: Working with a leadership coach, you will develop a portfolio on Passport that documents your progress on the four major self-improvement goals identified in your personal development plan as well as personal growth in all leadership skills and attributes.