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 College of Agriculture - Critical Thinking


Learning Outcome:

B.S. graduates from Purdue College of Agriculture will demonstrate critical thinking by using evidence-based information to develop sound responses to complex problems.


Critical thinking is an intellectually disciplined process of skillfully organizing, analyzing, and evaluating evidence to understand a subject in its broadest context, which guides responsible and reasoned decision-making and enables people to effectively communicate knowledge and beliefs.


 Critical Thinking Community

Expand/Collapse Department : Agricultural and Biological Engineering ‎(3)
Bernard A.
Martin R.
Expand/Collapse Department : Agricultural Economics ‎(2)
Roman M.
W. Scott
Expand/Collapse Department : Agronomy ‎(4)
Darrell G.
Devdutta S.
Lee E.
Linda S.
Expand/Collapse Department : Animal Sciences ‎(3)
Edmond  A.
Mickey Adams
Shawn S.
Expand/Collapse Department : Biochemistry ‎(3)
Barbara L.
Clint C S
Joseph P.
Expand/Collapse Department : Botany and Plant Pathology ‎(3)
Janna L.
Peter P.
Robert E.
Expand/Collapse Department : Entomology ‎(3)
Alan C.
Christian Y.
Jonathan Jewell
Expand/Collapse Department : Food Sciences ‎(4)
Lisa J.
Maria Fernanda San
Mark T.
Expand/Collapse Department : Forestry and Natural Resources ‎(4)
James Andrew
John B. Dunning,
Linda S.
Expand/Collapse Department : Horticulture and Landscape Architecture ‎(4)
Kathryn S.
Kim L.
Robert J.
Robert W.
Expand/Collapse Department : Office of Academic Programs ‎(1)
A. Dale
Expand/Collapse Department : Youth Development and Ag Education ‎(4)
B. Allen
Mark A.
Neil A.
Pamala V.


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