Creating a Green Revolution in Africa (A 1980s Alum Story)


The African continent is home to 25 percent of the world’s agricultural land, but produces only 10 percent of the world’s food. Issoufou Kapran resolved to change this.

Issoufou KapranKapran left his home in Ghana to study agronomy at Purdue. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 1985, he went on to earn his master’s before returning to Africa, where he has served smallholder farmers ever since.

In 1990, he released the first Niger sorghum hybrid. Several years later, he implemented a project to launch private hybrid seed production. Then, Kapran returned to Purdue and earned his Ph.D. in 1998.

Since 2007, Kapran has worked with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. At AGRA, he supports input production for smallholder farmers and expanded the private seed industry through more than 40 startups.

With guidance from Kapran and others at AGRA, Africa is stepping up to help feed the world.

 — by Hannah Tucker (Purdue ’18)


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