Alpha Zeta


The Alpha Zeta honorary was one of the first ways agriculture students connected on many college campuses. Today, Alpha Zeta members are revitalizing Purdue’s chapter to make it more productive than ever.

photo of Alpha Zeta old (front) and new (back row) members in 1940.Alpha Zeta old (front) and new (back row) members in 1940.

Alpha Zeta old (front) and new (back row) members in 1940.

Alpha Zeta, a co-ed honorary professional society for agriculture students, was started in 1897, when students in agriculture across the country were often considered low-ranking. Two Ohio State University students wanted to change this — and founded Alpha Zeta.

The Purdue chapter of Alpha Zeta was established in 1908. Now, 110 years later, the organization is flourishing. Several Purdue Alpha Zeta officers attended the 2018 national leadership conference, where they decided to renovate the chapter’s constitution to more closely follow some of the country’s most successful universities.

This was the first time Purdue had been present at Alpha Zeta’s annual national gathering in many years, and our participation is just the beginning of the rebirth of one of Purdue Agriculture’s first student organizations.


 — by Hannah Tucker (Purdue ’18)


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