From Bylines to Headlines


Hundreds of Purdue Agriculture graduates who were staff members and writers for The Purdue Agriculturist achieved great things in varied career paths. Below are several who not only had bylines, but also headlines.

Volume 20, No. 7 – April 1926

 “Eighteenth Annual Purdue Egg Show”

Orville C. Redenbacher (BSA ’28)

Founder – Orville Redenbacher Popcorn

Photo of the first page of "Our Ag School," a magazine article by D.C. Pfendler '32

“Our Ag School,” by D.C. Pfendler ’32


Volume 25, No. 4 – January 1931

“Our Ag School 1905–1931”

David C. Pfendler (BSA ’32)

Purdue Associate Dean of Agriculture and Associate Director of Resident Instruction


Volume 25, No. 5 – February 1931

“Farm Board Activities”

Earl L. Butz  (BSA ’32)

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture


Volume 28, No. 8 – May 1934

“Short Course Students Graduated With Honors”

Glenn W. Sample (BSA ’35)

President of Indiana Vocational Technical College


Volume 29, No. 1 – October 1934

“Hoof and Horn Presents Portraits of Breeders”

Sherman O. Kessler (BSA ’36)

Purdue Board of Trustee Member; Farmer


Volume 35, No. 9 – June 1941

“Purdue Plans For State Fair”

Howard G. Dieselin (BSA ’43)

Purdue Associate Dean of Agriculture and Director of Cooperative Extension Service


Volume 37, No. 3 – December 1942

“Another War-Time Land Boom”

Richard L. Kohls (BSA ’43)

Purdue Dean of Agriculture


Volume 42, No. 3 – December 1950

“Thoughts Of An Editor”

W. Wayne Townsend (BSA ’51)

Purdue Board of Trustee Member; 1984 Democrat Candidate for Governor of Indiana


Volume 52, No. 2 – November 1960

“Agricultural Business Management Curriculum Changes for 1961 Revealed”

Lawrence C. Beck (BSA ’62)

Purdue Board of Trustee Member; CEO Beck’s Hybrids



Lillian Lamb, another graduate and writer, was the very  first female to earn a bachelor’s degree from the School of Agriculture in 1919.  She represented Agricultural Education students on the magazine’s staff and penned “Winter Days” for the December 1918 edition.

Volume 13, No. 3 – December 1918

“Winter Days”

Lillian L. Lamb (BSA ’19)

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