Graduates 1882 to 2018

photo from graduationSince June 8, 1882, the College of Agriculture has awarded 34,787 Bachelor’s and 978 Associate degrees. The actual number of people who graduated is a bit smaller, because some people earned more than one degree (i.e., a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering).

There were three graduates from the School of Agriculture and Horticulture in June 1882.

More recently, College of Agriculture students earned 701 baccalaureate degrees in 2017-18. That was the first time since 1980–81 that more than 700 undergraduate degrees were awarded (see Enrollment: Ascent and Descent).

In 1977–78, the School of Agriculture awarded 753 undergraduate degrees. That was the largest number of any year and the first of four consecutive years with more than 700 degrees presented.

Total Numbers of Degrees

 21,292 — Bachelor of Science

   8,084 — Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

   2,487 — Bachelor of Science in Forestry

   1,224 — Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

      939 — Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

      478 — Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

      283 — Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering

      978 — Associate in Agriculture

Photo from  e-Archives, Debris Yearbook. Purdue University Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries.

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