Great Teachers


Inductees into the Book of Great Teachers are listed on a bronze-and-walnut wall display in the west foyer of the Union. (Purdue University photo/Mark Simons)

Inductees into the Book of Great Teachers are listed on a bronze-and-walnut wall display in the west foyer of the Union. Purdue University photo/Mark Simons

When registration opens, students must act quickly if they want to learn from one of Purdue’s great teachers. Their classes fill fast.

Classmates, academic advisors and friends have given that advice countless times.

Purdue Agriculture was and is home to many excellent teachers of undergraduates and winter short course students. The very best are enshrined in the University’s Book of Great Teachers displayed in the Memorial Union. Seventy-one College of Agriculture teachers are among the 429 honored.

Professors with 10 or more years of service who have been recognized with the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award are in the book. Also included are those honored as Indiana Professor of The Year or named by the trustees as distinguished professors of teaching. Individuals with 15 or more years of teaching may be selected from nominations of students, colleagues and alumni.

College of Agriculture faculty members in the Purdue Book of Great Teachers are listed below. Those who earned a Purdue Agriculture bachelor’s degree are marked with an asterisk. 


Agriculture’s Great Teachers


James L. Ahlrichs                   Agronomy

Jay T. Akridge                         Agricultural Economics

Durward L. Allen                   Wildlife Ecology

Fred Andrews                         Animal Sciences

Bernard Axelrod                    Biochemistry

Freddie Barnard                    Agricultural Economics

Lawrence P. Bohl                   Agricultural Economics

Charles Bracker                     Botany and Plant Pathology

Karl G. Brandt                        Biochemistry

Larry Butler                            Biochemistry

Earl Butz *                              Agricultural Economics

William R. Chaney                 Forestry and Natural Resources

Clint C.S. Chapple                  Biochemistry

Ronald Coolbaugh                 Botany and Plant Pathology

Merle D. Cunningham           Animal Sciences

Lawrence DeBoer, Jr.            Agricultural Economics

Frank Dooley                          Agricultural Economics

W. David Downey *               Agricultural Economics

John Dunning, Jr.                   Forestry and Natural Resources

Steven P. Erickson *              Agricultural Economics

Harrison L. Flint                     Horticulture

James D. Forney                    Biochemistry

Dale Forsyth                           Animal Sciences

Kenneth A. Foster*                Agricultural Economics

J.T. Frost                                  Animal Sciences

John G. Graveel *                   Agronomy

Lowell Hardin *                      Agricultural Economics

John W. Hicks                         Agricultural Economics

Arvin R. Hilst                          Agronomy

Robert J. Joly                          Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Hobart W. Jones *                 Animal Sciences

John E. Kadlec *                     Agricultural Economics

Wayne Keim                           Agronomy

Clare B. Kenaga                     Botany and Plant Pathology

J.B. Kohlmeyer *                    Agricultural Economics

Richard L. Kohls *                 Agricultural Economics

Gary W. Krutz                        Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Carole Lembi                          Botany and Plant Pathology

Ronald P. Lemenager           Animal Sciences

John H. Lumkes, Jr.               Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Marshall Martin                    Agricultural Economics

Lisa J. Mauer*                        Food Science

William W. McFee                 Agronomy

Donald J. Molnar                   Horticulture

Edwin J. Monke                     Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Ralph Nicholson                    Botany and Plant Pathology

S. Suzanne Nielsen                Food Science

Martin Okos                            Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Christian Y. Oseto                  Entomology

Don Paarlberg *                     Agricultural Economics

Fred Patterson                       Agronomy

Paul C. Pecknold                    Botany and Plant Pathology

Paul V. Preckel                       Agricultural Economics

Merrill Ross                            Botany and Plant Pathology

Mark A. Russell                      Animal Sciences

Lee E. Schweitzer *               Agronomy

Gerald E. Shively                   Agricultural Economics

Paul Siciliano, Jr. *                 Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Robert W. Sovinski *             Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Martin Stob *                         Animal Sciences

B. Allen Talbert                      Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

Bernard Y. Tao                       Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Robert W. Taylor                   Agricultural Economics

F. Thomas Turpin                  Entomology

Wallace E. Tyner                    Agricultural Economics

George E. Van Scoyoc           Agronomy

James J. Vorst                        Agronomy

Harmon P. Weeks, Jr.           Forestry and Natural Resources

Rod N. Williams*                   Forestry and Natural Resources

Kim Wilson                             Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Alan C. York                           Entomology



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