The Curriculum: 1990


Photo: Robert L. Thompson, Dean of Agriculture 1987-1993

Robert L. Thompson, Dean of Agriculture 1987-1993

On March 21, 1989, at the Agricultural Faculty meeting, Dean Robert Thompson suggested it was time again to evaluate and perhaps modify the School of Agriculture undergraduate curriculum.

He stated that committees at both university and departmental levels were forming to determine the educational programs and activities necessary to ensure an appropriate international emphasis and understanding. Meanwhile, the Curriculum and Student Relations Committee continued its review of curricula.

Dean Thompson said current studies indicated that individuals with a more liberal background often rose higher in the business administrative structure than those with more narrowly focused technical credentials.

Professor Wallace Tyner reported for the Ad Hoc School of Agriculture Internationalization Committee at the October 24, 1989, faculty meeting. The committee suggested the following curricular changes:

  • Two years of foreign language for admission to the School of Agriculture.
  • A new course on economic geography of agriculture and natural resources.
  • Six credits of humanities and social sciences electives with an international focus.
  • A 15-credit International Studies minor with six credits in a geographic region.

Professor Merrill Ross, Jr., Chairman of the Curriculum and Student Relations Committee, presented two documents for Agricultural Faculty action on March 27, 1990.

  • XIII 89-90: School of Agriculture Core Minima was discussed at the meeting and a mail ballot was sent to the faculty. It was adopted and is presented in the table below. It became effective for 1992-93 entering freshmen.
  • XIV 89-90: School of Agriculture Admission Requirement to require two years of foreign language for admission. It was discussed at the meeting and a mail ballot was sent to the faculty. It was not adopted.

On October 27, 1990, the Agricultural Faculty approved a new 15-credit academic minor, International Studies in Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources. This was the first academic minor in the School of Agriculture.


1992-93 Core Curriculum Requirements, Bachelor of Science Degree, School of Agriculture, Purdue University

Subject                                                       Credits

School of Agriculture Orientation                1

Calculus                                                            3

Statistics                                                           3

Chemistry and Physics                                   9

Biological Sciences                                          8

Computer Applications                                  3

Additional Mathematics/Basic Sciences      5

Written Communication                                6

Oral Communication                                      6

Economics                                                        3

International Understanding                        6

Humanities and Social Sciences                   9

Additional Broadening Electives                   3

Dept. Requirements/Electives                      65

Total Credits                                                  130


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