The Early Years, 1874-1900: The Graduates


Photo of Purdue campus, circa 1895

Purdue campus, circa 1895

From 1882 to 1900, forty-five Purdue Agriculture undergraduate students earned bachelor’s degrees. No degrees were awarded in Agriculture before 1882.

“Bachelor of Science” degrees were awarded through 1894. However, beginning in 1895, the degree name changed to become specific to the school, and graduates received the “Bachelor of Science in Agriculture” degree. It was the first specifically named Purdue Bachelor of Science degree by any educational program. The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degrees were awarded initially a couple of years later.

The first 45 Purdue Agriculture graduates are presented below.


Bachelor’s Degree Graduates, 1874-1900, School of Agriculture, Purdue University

Graduate                                                     Degree Received, Year          Hometown

Beck, Henry Abraham                               Bachelor of Science, 1881-82     Traders Point

Driscoll, William Edgar                              Bachelor of Science, 1881-82     Muncie

Mead, Elwood                                             Bachelor of Science, 1881-82     Patriot

Ratliff, Walter Stevens                               Bachelor of Science, 1882-83     Richmond

Roberts, Otis S.                                           Bachelor of Science, 1882-83     Oxford

Waugh, James Milo                                    Bachelor of Science, 1882-83     Colfax

Lyons, Jr. Stephen Allen Douglas Samuel   Bachelor of Science, 1883-84    Boundry City

Quick, Walter J.                                          Bachelor of Science, 1883-84     Columbus

Moor, J.D.                                                    Bachelor of Science, 1884-85     Elizabethtown

Thatcher, Marshall                                     Bachelor of Science, 1884-85     Chauncey

Quick, Morgan Gorrell                               Bachelor of Science, 1885-86     Columbus

Virden, Samuel Turner                              Bachelor of Science, 1885-86     Monticello

Goss, Arthur                                                Bachelor of Science, 1887-88     Vincennes

Saltmarsh, Samuel Monroe                      Bachelor of Science, 1888-89     Sunman

Little, James Henry                                    Bachelor of Science, 1889-90     Lowell

Stewart, Ulysses Morton                           Bachelor of Science, 1889-90     Patriot

Bitting, Arvill Wayne                                 Bachelor of Science, 1890-91     Bourbon

Fullenwider, James Scott                         Bachelor of Science, 1891-92     Brown’s Valley

Beckman, Herman Christopher              Bachelor of Science, 1892-93     Brunswick

Heagy, Louis Walter                                  Bachelor of Science, 1892-93     Columbus

Ives, George Ross                                     Bachelor of Science, 1892-93     Francesville

Lawrence, William Eldon                         Bachelor of Science, 1892-93     Columbia City

Thompson, William Orval                        Bachelor of Science, 1892-93     Arcana

Barrett, Jesse Marshall                             Bachelor of Science, 1893-94     Maxwell

Clark, Howard Benton                              Bachelor of Science, 1893-94     Judson

Little, Jesse                                                 Bachelor of Science, 1893-94     Lowell

Carithers, Samuel Porter                         B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Princeton

Crampton, George Earl                            B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Scott

Flesher, Harry Beecher                            B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     West Lebanon

Honnold, John Otis                                  B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Warrenton, IL

Kennon, Wiliam Waldo                           B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Bartonia

King, Alfred Hiram                                   B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Avilla

Luke, Frank                                                B.S. in Agriculture, 1894-95     Covington

Anderson, William Beecher                    B.S. in Agriculture, 1895-96     Otwell

Davis, Charles                                            B.S. in Agriculture, 1895-96     Bellmore

Pfendler, David Clarence                         B.S. in Agriculture, 1896-97     Moral

Skinner, John Harrison                           B.S. in Agriculture, 1896-97     Romney

Heavilon, Richard Maurice                     B.S. in Agriculture, 1897-98     Jefferson

Jenks, Floyd B.                                           B.S. in Agriculture, 1897-98     Toronto

Miller, David Bethnel                               B.S. in Agriculture, 1897-98     Pimento

Newsom, Gilbert Pinkham                      B.S. in Agriculture, 1897-98     Parker, CO

Hume, Albert Nash                                   B.S. in Agriculture, 1899-00     Plymouth

McLaughlin, Barton James                     B.S. in Agriculture, 1899-00     Greensburg

Perry, Thaddeus Rundles                        B.S. in Agriculture, 1899-00     La Otto

Thompson, Victor Matteson                  B.S. in Agriculture, 1899-00      Asherville, NY



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