The Numbers and More, 1880-81


A sketch of the first Agricultural Building and Experiment Station, 1882

The first Agricultural Building and Experiment Station, 1882

Number        Students and Graduates

9                     Undergraduate Students, Fall Semester

                    Graduates  (Three graduates in 1881-82)

0                     Winter Courses in Agriculture Participants  (Program not offered)


Number        Faculty, Courses and Academic Majors

                    Academic Department

                    Faculty Member

15                   Courses Offered to Undergraduates  (15 listed subjects)

1                     Academic Major


Dollars           Academic Year Fees, Undergraduate  (Excludes special fees, no tuition charged)

$14                 Indiana Residents ($346 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)

$14                 Nonresident, U.S. Citizens  ($346 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)


Purdue Agriculture, 1880-81

  • In 1880-81, there was one Purdue Professor of Agriculture and Horticulture, Charles L. Ingersoll. He was appointed in 1879 to be the first Agriculture professor.
  • The Bachelor of Science degree was awarded to students who completed the Scientific course, the Agricultural course, or the Mechanical course. Two years of Latin or German were required.

Elsewhere, 1880-81

  • The journal Science was first published in the United States in 1880 with financial support from Thomas Edison.
  • On March 31, 1880, Wabash, Indiana, became the first electrically lit city in the world.

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