The Numbers and More, 1890-91


Photo of Purdue campus, circa 1889

Purdue campus, circa 1889

Number         Students and Graduates

17                   Undergraduate Students, Fall Semester

1                     Graduates, Bachelor of Science, School of Agriculture

No Record      Winter Courses in Agriculture Participants


Number           Faculty, Courses and Academic Majors

1                     Academic Department

7                     Faculty

20                   Courses Offered to Undergraduates

1                     Academic Major


Dollars             Academic Year Fees, Undergraduate (Excludes special fees, no tiution charged)

$20                Indiana Residents ($554 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)

$20                Nonresident, U.S. Citizens ($554 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)


Purdue Agriculture, 1890-91

  • Agricultural students participated in a Young Farmers’ Club that met every two weeks for the discussion of agricultural topics of special interest.
  • Students paid $2.50 per week for board, and $0.50 per week for room for the 38-week academic year totaling $114 ($3,005 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted).

Elsewhere, 1890-91

  • James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School (YMCA) in Springfield, Massachusetts, invented basketball.
  • Benjamin Harrison (Indiana) served as the 23rdPresident of the United States from 1889-93.

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