The Numbers and More, 1900-01


Photo of A classroom at Purdue in 1900.

A classroom at Purdue in 1900. From e-Archives, Debris Yearbook. Purdue University Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries.

Number       Students and Graduates

38                  Undergraduate Students, Fall Semester

9                    Graduates, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

80                  Winter Courses in Agriculture Participants


Number       Faculty, Courses and Academic Majors

1                    Academic Department

9                    Faculty Members

27                  Courses Offered to Undergraduates

1                    Academic Major


Dollars        Academic Year Fees, Undergraduate (Excludes special fees, no tuition charged until 1901-02)

$27              Indiana Residents  ($810 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)

$27              Nonresident, U.S. Citizens  ($810 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)


Purdue Agriculture, 1900-01

  • Purdue offered a non-degree “Two Years’ Course in Agriculture” including the introductory agricultural subjects of the regular four years’ course.
  • Beginning in 1901-02, nonresidents were charged an additional $25 “tuition” fee.

 Elsewhere, 1900-01

  • The World population was listed as 1,640,000,000.
  • Twenty-eight percent of the 4,192 autos produced in the United States in 1900 were electric cars.


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