The Numbers and More, 1910-11


Photo of First College of Agriculture Hall and Experiment Station.

First College of Agriculture Hall and Experiment Station.

Number             Students and Graduates

256                      Undergraduate Students, Fall Semester

40                        Graduates, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

169                      Winter Courses in Agriculture Participants


Number             Faculty, Courses and Academic Majors    

4                          Academic Departments

19                        Faculty Members

52                        Courses Offered to Undergraduates

6                          Academic Specializations  (Majors)


Dollars                Academic Year Fees, Undergraduate (Excludes special fees, includes tuition paid only by nonresidents)

$36                      Indiana Residents  ($955 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)

$61                      Nonresident, U.S. Citizen  ($1,618 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)


Purdue Agriculture, 1910-11

  • Four of the eleven starters on the Purdue varsity football team were Agriculture students.
  • “The Student Agricultural Society affords an opportunity for Freshman and Senior to come together each week and mingle on a common level. And it also offers training in presenting subjects intelligently before an audience.”  — The Purdue Agriculturist, student magazine, December, 1910 edition

Elsewhere, 1910-11

  • The first Indianapolis 500 race was run on May 30, 1911.
  • The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910.


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