The Numbers and More, 1950-51


photo of the Horticulture Show in 1951

Horticulture Show in 1951

Number             Students and Graduates

1,396                   Undergraduate Students, Fall Semester

278                      Graduates, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

47                        Graduates, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

60                        Graduates, Bachelor of Science in Forestry

118                      Winter Courses in Agriculture Participants


Number             Faculty, Courses and Academic Majors

12                        Academic Departments

216                      Faculty Members

221                      Courses Offered to Undergraduates

13                        Academic Majors


Dollars                Academic Year Fees, Undergraduate (Excludes special fees, includes tuition paid only by nonresidents)

$120                   Indiana Residents ($1,255 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)

$320                   Nonresident, U.S. Citizens ($3,346 in 2018 dollars, inflation-adjusted)


Purdue Agriculture, 1950-51

From The Purdue Agriculturist Editorials

  • Student Agricultural Council is needed.
  • Purdue Agriculture graduates are expected to become active in community development and governmental affairs, but no history or government courses are required in the curriculum.

 Elsewhere, 1950-51

  • In 1950, the average price of a new car was $1,510.
  • United States population was more than 150 million for the first time.

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