Undergraduate Academic Advisors


photo of Professor Paul Ebner, Outstanding Faculty Advisor for 2018

Professor Paul Ebner, Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor  for 2018

Since 1880-81, more than 90 percent of all College of Agriculture bachelor’s degree recipients have received academic advice and counsel from a dedicated faculty member.

The college has a distinguished and proud record of having faculty work with undergraduate students as academic counselors, student organization advisors and mentors. Many other disciplines have utilized “professional academic advisors” to undergraduates for decades, but only very recently has the College of Agriculture migrated away from faculty academic advising.

In a relatively recent campus survey of student satisfaction, College of Agriculture faculty academic advisors were rated higher than academic advisors across the campus in 17 of 18 factors measured.

For the past 50 years, the college has presented an Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award each year to recognize a faculty academic advisor. Additional awards were presented at the departmental level.


Recipients of the David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award, College of Agriculture, Purdue University *


1969        Bline, Don F. *

1970        Roach, G. William *

1971        Jones, Hobart W. *

1972        Lien, Ray M.

1973        Vorst, James J.

1974        Dobson, Richard C.

1975        Hafen Leslie

1976        Ford, David R. *

1977        Stob, Martin *

1978        Lien, Ray M.

1979        Ahlrichs, James L.

1980        Montague, Frederick *

1981        Rhykerd, Charles L.

1982        Carson, James R.

1983        Van Scoyoc, George E.

1984        Bohl, Lawrence P.

1985        Taylor, Robert W.

1986        Montague, Frederick *

1987        Schweitzer, Lee E. *

1988        Cunningham, Merle D.

1989        Flint, Harrison L.

1990        Molnar, Donald J.

1991        McFee, William W.

1992        Lemenager, Ronald P.

1993        Erickson, Steven P. *

1994        DeTurk, Phillip E.

1995        Uhl, Joseph N.

1996        Joly, Robert J.

1997        Housley, Thomas W.

1998        Graveel, John G. *

1999        Diekman, Mark A. *

2000        Strickland, R. Mack *

2001        Dana, Michael N.

2002        Strickland, R. Mack *

2003        Mills, Jr., Walter L.

2004        Dooley, Frank J.

2005        Talbert, B. Allen

2006        Hayes, Kirby D. *

2007        Balschweid, Mark A.

2008        Cousin, Maribeth A.

2009        Mauer, Lisa J. *

2010        Lumkes, John

2011        Bigelow, Cale A.

2012        Dobbins, Craig L.

2013        Buckmaster, Dennis *

2014        Russell, Mark A.

2015        Steinhardt, Gary

2016        Grant, Richard H.

2017        Ogas, Joe

2018        Ebner, Paul

*  Individual earned Bachelor’s degree from Purdue School of Agriculture.



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